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I’m pretty new to this and curious for homeowners experiences - how many reviews do applying sitters have on average? And also, how many reviews is the number where you start seeing the applicant as a trusted bet? Or do you skip the reviews and focus more on the sitters profile?


Welcome @Junipers .
We are also new to THS this year . Everyone has to start somewhere. :grinning: . When we started we obviously didn’t have any reviews and we were very grateful to the 4 HO who invited us to sit .

Two of the HOs who invited us to sit were also new to THS . So they also didn’t have feedback . You could say we were both taking a chance .

We did have references from house-sits before we joined THS and we had a video call with the HO so they could find out more about us and we could get to know them better . We were local so we also offered to meet up with them.

All of our sits have been great experiences and after the sit all the HO have given us 5 star reviews and invited us back to look after their pets again.

In summary - reviews are important and should be carefully considered when choosing a sitter; but don’t rule out a sitter simply because they don’t have a review yet .


Hi @Junipers.

I love @Silversitters’ reply. Just to add on:

  • I’ve never seen THS share data on the number of sitter reviews, but a member here looked into it. @Ruckusfan posted: Sitter statistics
  • I’ve seen sitters with many reviews who might not be a good match for me (e.g., 12 reviews, with a reported average of 5*). Perhaps a person can get complacent after a while. Or, everyone makes a mistake sometimes. And sometimes the PP is very understanding, and sometimes … well, maybe they had a bad day, too.
  • I would say there is a significant difference between 0 and 1 reviews. Simply because having a couple THS sits under one’s belt helps understand the platform nuances (Welcome Guide, review/feedback, how no money changes hands, etc.).
  • But I’m also a sitter, and I’m grateful for PPs who have given me a chance. I did meet my first PPs in person before we committed to the sit (it was local). I think at least a video call would have been due diligence for both of us.
  • And more important to me than one’s profile is the level of communication (which includes the video call).
  • Search for more info. E.g.:

Good luck! It’s a learning process!

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