How to flag up a remote home

How do I flag up that my home, whilst not very geographically remote, is at the end of an unlit country lane, with no close neighbours? I quite often get applications from people who don’t seem to noticed the things about our location which not everyone would feel comfortable with. I don’t want to pre judge anyone or make it sound worse than it is, but I wouldn’t want anyone to feel scared either. There are no street lights, the house is detached and the dog walking is mostly on woodland paths. I feel the house is better suited to couples, but I feel it could be wrong to say this.

Can anyone advise me on how to raise awareness without putting sitters off please?


I think it’s better to say if you want a couple. I was turned down for a sit once because previously a lady had fallen downstairs in a remote home but they managed because her husband was there on the sit and could get her treatment as well as see to the pets. So she was worried about solo sitters. You do always need a plan B. When I looked after 9 bedroom place with no near neighbours the owner generously said why didn’t I bring a friend to stay in the annex in case I was lonely.


Hi @Blean I would add this in to the write up in the home & location section on your profile. This way any potential sitter/s will be able to see this before they apply and I would also mention again, (just incase they didn’t see it when they applied), when you have a video call/telephone call with them.


I would not be scared :slight_smile:

The location looks lovely. I have marked yours as a favourite now (I think I will do a pet sitting/cycling trip through the UK next spring/summer).


Hi @Blean. You have a lovely listing and have had sitters who have thoroughly enjoyed staying at your home in the countryside so I’m interested why you are showing this concern now. Is it because it is new sitters who are applying and are not reading your listing thoroughly?
You do mention you have one close neighbour though in your listing so sitters would not be completely alone in your lane.
There is nothing wrong with stating you would like a couple or family (which your last sitters were) as that helps sitters know whether to apply or not.
I see you have an applicant at present so hopefully they have read your listing carefully and are suitable for you to progress to a video chat with them.


Hi @Blean
As @temba has said, I’m also curious to know why you’re concerned about the location of your property having had happy sitters previously. I would love to sit for you in the future when I’m back in the UK (from March 2024) if dates work & have saved your listing.
Btw, how long can Harris be left at home alone for?


Hi @Blean Yours is exactly the kind of sit I look for. By all means, explain that it’s remote and might be somewhat better suited for a couple for that reason. You’d alert more nervous types, but please don’t discount us solo lovers of peaceful country stays with the company of a loving pet.
I’ve saved your listing, too. :blush:


I’m a lover of remote rural places too. I’ve had a couple of HOs say they’ve gone with a couple as they think I’d feel uncomfortable (although they were otherwise lovely about my application)!

So, if someone’s looking for a couple, I think it’s best to put in the description, just to save themselves some time. :slight_smile: And I fully respect whatever someone sees best for their home!

I wonder if what I’m comfortable with (as an active but happens-to-be-single 32 y/o who spent five years alone abroad) just differs from a woman who hasn’t solo travelled as much. I do really appreciate people looking out for me as a solo, though I am torn as I’m also more self-sufficient in unique environments than many couples I know!

@Blean your place looks so lovely, and I appreciate you looking out for anxious types!

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It’s totally fine to say you want a couple. For some, they want a couple because they’re pets are used to having two people around, and for others it is because the area is so remote so you may feel a couple would feel less isolated, but a lot of sitters are looking for peace, quite, and remote-ness.

No street lights is totally normal in a lot of remote areas, just saying it is ‘remote’ would tell me that. Just say that you need a couple that is happy with the nearest neighbours being 5 miles away or whatever it is, to stress the point further if you like. But if you don’t feel insecure about where you live there’s no need to stress the point to sitters, you’ll be able to tell by your applications which sitters read your ad, you’ll know which ones are best suited, as you’re instinct will tell you.

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@Blean Your listing is very attractive- would definitely suit us! We have sat in much more ‘remote’ homes than yours and loved the experience! I think an independent solo sitter would also be fine- as long as they have a car- with Canterbury and the coast so close by. But ofcourse if you feel you’d prefer a couple just request that. You have to feel comfortable with your choice.

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“flag up” = “highlight”?

Sorry, Yank here.


Hello @Blean , your listing is wonderful, and you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties in finding a sitter. It’s fantastic that you’re open to hosting a couple, which is fairly uncommon. The absence of neighbors is actually beneficial for us. We’ve experienced some very noisy and unpleasant neighbors in our current sit. One neighbor plays loud music into the late hours of the night, while another burns old furniture, preventing us from opening our windows.

@BunnyCat i am surprised you find it uncommon for a listing to request a couple! I find that almost every listing I look at requests a couple! But then we do tend go for large properties which better suit a couple!
Sorry you are having oroblems with noisy beighbours- not nice- but the good thing about it being a housesit is that you will be able to move on soon!

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We say we will only consider couples (because of the size of our dogs) but we lay it out very clear in our description. I think so should you

We love these sits, walk from the Door in any direction, plus being out in the middle of no where, needing your own Car, being okay with the silence, not getting spooked because a big Red Fox is in the Garden etc, however for many these sits are not their thing.
Maybe in pop it in your listing,(if not already in there) if it is, maybe move it up to the top of the listing further, mind sitters need to read the whole listing before applying, or maybe that’s just me.
If your listing had solo/couple, after reading and looking at photo’s, any sitters feedback if it sounded like our kind of sit, I would apply, however I would be clear " we love these kind’s of sits and if you have an AGA, we are there" lol
At the end of the day, you are the HO and you have to feel confident leaving the Dog with Sitters you feel are going to love the location and you have a happy, healthy, relaxed Dog.
Wishing you all the best.
Amanda and Family


I’ve marked you as a favourite too now @Blean! Although I’m not sure of my ability to compete with the likes of @Smiley for one of your sits!
Harris is gorgeous of course but “one adorable dog does not a good sit make” (that’s not mis-quoted at all is it?:rofl:). Your home is just the sort we like; tranquil location, transport irrelevant as we bring our car, lots of countryside, comfortable & attractive.

What do you mean?

Sorry @Smiley, did that sound bad? I meant I wouldn’t have much of a chance with your impressive history/reviews.

Throw me in the mix of solo fearless women.
I’ve stayed in very remote locations long term, 2 months, without a vehicle, no locks on the doors, yeah you read that right, with bats in my bedroom and two ferocious guard cats.

PS: and I loved it. Have gone back often.


I love walking alone with a dog through the countryside and wouldn’t be put off applying for your sit. In fact I would be putting in an application right now if I didn’t already have a sit.