How to show only available sitters

I have sent out more than a dozen, with just one positive, who doesn’t seem to have read the listing properly as she is asking questions that are clearly answered on my profile. Several who were interested say they are unavailable for that Month, and 2 for that year.

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Please add your listing to your profile, and let us know where you are?

I’m afraid that my story is like the others’ situation - it’s far too complicated to manage the calendar integrated on TH.

Instead, I use a service called calendly for my business appointments. You can sign up and then send people a link to see your availability. I have mine linked to my work calendar. Here’s what I send for my cooking lesson inquiries. I don’t have one set up for TH because I don’t know if anyone would use it.

“I’d love to have a chat about setting up a private class. Shall we set up a phone call? We can talk about what I offer that meets your needs, or if I can create something custom for you. If you’d like, you can schedule a time using my Calendly link ( - my schedule is coordinated with that app, and we can avoid going back and forth to find a time that works for both of us.”

paging @Ben-ProductManager – I wonder if they offer a corporate version that could be integrated here?

Thanks for the advice. I have had another well established member look at my listing and have redone some of the photos. I’ve taken it off for the time being and will try again mid April. I’ve contacted about a dozen local sitters and none of them are available. If I have no success this attempt I will have to make other arrangements as I can’t afford to leave it until the last minute.

I do not get fed up with invitations but it is annoying when it is clear that they have not read my profile.
I reply to all of them even those who have not sent a personal message.
Even if I am available I may not want to do the sitting. I always tell the HO why, e.g. it is too rural, too long, too far, or even if the property doesn’t suit me… If I can, I send a couple of hints to improve their listing, very politely of course.


@CambridgeAnnie did you consider asking @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to promote your listing on social media? If you have not done that, if if it’s of interest to you, please direct message her and reactivate your listing.

June 1st is also still relatively far away in today’s sitters world. You still have two full months. Also, if you are a standard or premium members, you can boost your listing, if you have not already done so.

@Sam1 have you considered adding your listing to your forum username, or at least sharing your location (city/country as shown on your listing) and your date range? Forum members can often be the solution, or can give helpful feedback, but they need your listing information. I’ll add a link to the instructions here:

Adding listing link to forum username

I really do wish that the calendar could be changed so sitters could easily block out dates they aren’t available. It would save a lot of unnecessary effort for both parties.


I’d love to, if I could only figure out how!

Hi @Sam1 (@MissChef) - I’ve just added your listing to your profile :slight_smile: Have a good evening. Vanessa

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@Sam1 I think you should shorten your listing’s title and add “Stonehenge” something like:

2 Friendly Cats near Stonehenge

That will definitely get peoples’ attention. We would have applied but the start date is a bit early for us, I will bookmark you as favorite though for the future.

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I would recommend opening the listing sooner than later. There are currently 3161 UK sits available and that is one of highest number I’ve ever seen. Yesterday we just started applying for Christmas sits.

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June is still quite a ways away, especially with things still changing monthly with Covid.

We are just now looking at sits for summer and there are only 16 that meet our requirements (family friendly + wifi in the US) from late June to December, while there are HUNDREDS of sits before June that match those same parameters.

I know it’s easy to get discouraged, especially if you’re the type that likes to plan things out months in advance, but you’ve got plenty of time my friend. :heart: :heart: :heart:


That’s interesting, because I would prefer to block off dates that I AM available and leave “Not available” as the default.


I’d like to do the same. I am not a full time sitter, but will usually travel for a few months each year and take on a few sits while abroad. I’d like to be able to show my availability during that travel time.

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Is that not what you do right now? ( Maybe I’m reading your post wrong?)

I do literally nothing with it because I found it so clunky to use. Maybe I should take another look at it!

It’s pretty easy on the website. I haven’t tried on the app.

If I go to My Dashboard, this is what I see. To add or delete dates, I just click Manage Availability.

Oh I am that ‘type’! :slight_smile:
I am really concerned about having the right person for the sit - I don’t want someone who is going to stick their fingers in the boys’ ears and try to persuade me that they like it, when clearly they don’t, or spend the day in London and get back late when the boys are really hungry. I need the right person or couple.
I was spoiled by having Pete as my first sitter and I so wish he was still around. He was wonderful.

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Thank you Bunnycat - I have tried to change my listing’s title but have failed dismally :frowning:

Oh - thanks!

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