How to sort sitters by their preference for regions?

Noob home owner question here. I don’t see a way to sort sitters on the basis of sitter’s preference for a region (say, New York, San Francisco etc). I realize that you can simply sit back and wait for sitters to find you, but sometimes it may be better for pet parents to search from a bigger slate of sitters. Without the ability to sort sitters, one must wade through thousands of sitter profiles to identify a match! Why is this feature missing? I think it is possible to come up with a way to indicate sitter preferences without limiting sitters to any one region of the world.

It’s likely missing because that’s not the best way to find sitters as has been discussed here on the forum ad infinitum. Most sitters don’t want to sit in their region, although some starting out might. So best to await applicants or have a look at the ones who may have favourited you. Even those who have favourited you will be prompted when you have listed a sit and should reach out to you if they’re available.
You’ll waste your time searching for sitters so don’t bother!


The best way to find a sitter without driving yourself crazy is to post a listing for your dates. Trying to do what you are doing, looking for sitters interested in your region is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even if sitters have favorited your listing, the chances of their being available for your actual sit are fairly low – unless maybe you looking way in advance for a long term sit.

If you post the listing, the sitters who are interested will find you.


Unfortunately there is no way to do that. The likelihood of someone being available and in your part of the world is very slim.
Just to let you know how we as full time sitters work with marking sits as favorite, I see your listing and while I am not able to apply for your current sit, I am definitely interested sometime in the future. Feel free to invite those who have favorited your sit as this opens the line of communication but generally speaking, if they were available, they would have applied for the sit. I have no problem with HO reaching out to me to see if we can work something out in the future.


If your reasoning is to find a sitter, post the dates and they will come.

If you’re trying to find ppl close because you want to get linked with local sitters or people who’d be interested in repeat sits with you, your best bet is to just say that some place in your listing that you’d love to connect especially with sitters that would be interested in repeat sits in order to provide some continuity for your pets, and you might find some.

Side note…it’s also always a good idea to have a list of local back ups to the back ups for just in case a TH sit falls through and to have it ready before you find you need it. X