How well should a pet sitter follow homeowner instructions?

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I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now. and what it sounds like you’re dealing with some super unprofessional people. Pet sitting is a client based service, your client tells you their expectations and you deliver on those expectations or get out of the business. It’s not that hard. You’re paying for a service that they offered to provide you, if you’ve left detailed notes of how things should be done and have even taken notice of bad practices, don’t hire them again. You’re not being picky, you know your animals and their needs best.

Hello @paulag and welcome to the community forum of TrustedHousesitters. I’m not sure how your response relates to the ethos of TrustedHousesitters, given there is no exchange of money. The concept is a win-win-win (the third being the pets). It should be an arrangement made between owner and sitter, where either moves on if not totally in agreement with the requirements of the other - the owner or the sitter. The concept of ‘hiring’ and ‘business’ should not enter into the conversation.


Hi @paulag Not sure I understand your comment given that this is not a client fee paying service but rather a mutual exchange of accommodation for house and (usually) pet sitting. Neither party is paying and nobody is hiring in the traditional sense of buying services but rather both parties (plus the pets) are hopefully getting something positive from the experience.

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@paulag - I suspect you posted this on the wrong forum as it could not be any more different than the Trustedhousesitter concept.


What makes you feel most comfortable with a sitter? What kind of information and communication do you want from your sitter while they are on the sit?