How well should a pet sitter follow homeowner instructions?

Are you located in southern California?

Don’t give up. We joined here from April I guess and we are already booked out up to October 2023. Right now we are in France, will go soon to Florida, Colorado, Canada and New Hampshire. If you link your THS sitters profile to your forum profile this may help. As well it is easier to get longer sits like 1 month+. Most people can’t do so long sits and HO prefer not to split the sits.

And yes we agree. THS is a possibility for traveling. We don’t even apply for sits where we see, that the HO wants a local sitter. We would always be 2nd choice if they can’t find one.

For us communication ist key to success. A personal application text and really read the HO page and refer to the points they mention and how you handle that.

And on the other hand we cancel applications 3 days after we got no answer (3 days after we see the HO read it). We answer every request within 24hours latest.

We wish you great journeys!
Kerstin and Frank


Trust your gut, keep looking!

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How do I link my THS profile to my forum profile?

@Juno1956 -

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Yes, I read that in the Help section, but I’m not sure how to implement it.

I am sure @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr will be happy to give you a hand when she is next online

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HI @Juno1956 as Vanessa is offline I will help you with this … Thanks @Colin

All done your listing link is now in your forum profile.


Thanks! Is there a way I can see it?

We had a recent sitter who clearly didn’t look at the manual and also wasn’t great on communication. Plus he let some of my small oak trees die in the space of a week. I am glad he was only here for a week even though he wasn’t awful…I would go with your instincts and welcome someone else into your home

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I have Direct Messaged you … @Juno1956

@Juno1956 I wish I were local to you because I’m very fussy as a sitter about caring for things the way the HO requests and I LOVE KITTIES!

I live nomadically and I’m not out your way just yet! Drat. Hoping to be on the west coast next year! Good luck – I am confident you’ll find someone who is equally detail oriented as you are and also loves kitties!
~ Monica

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I expect the same. I was spoiled by my first and second THS housesitter who were very excellent and detail oriented.

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I’m very late to this thread but @Juno1956 I think you could put more information about your pet bird in your listing on THS. Currently the only instruction (for a five week stay) is to feed the bird once a day. Surely his cage will need cleaning and he will need time out of his cage in those five weeks?

(I have a conure myself and I know she’d be deeply unhappy if feeding once a day was her only interaction!)

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You’ve misunderstood, @AnnMarie. Smiley was responding to a post which suggested that a sitter might take a dog on trip for some days (with the owner’s permission), not just take the dog for a long walk.

He’s in a large cage that gets put outside everyday and, yes, he gets fed generously once a day. I have more detailed instructions that aren’t posted in the Welcome Guide.

It really does. The post Smiley was responding to is the one above hers from KerstinAndFrank which says “Or if you want to take the dog on a trip for some days and leave the home alone you need to ask”.

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Maybe to make it even clearer, you could write ‘half’ in brackets after the fraction at least once. Like so: 1/2 (half) can

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Well, they may be in the country, but not necessarily live there. Sometimes the sitter has already arrived in the country and are looking for a sit after their arrival. So in this situation they are able to meet the HO before the sit a lot more easily.

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