In NYC only 6 house sitting opportunities?

I am noticing lately that the opportunities in NYC are kind of reduced in my search like only 6 appearing , it is weird!!! Because before there were more and It honestly sounds weird to me . are there some restrictions of the logarithm . the premium should profile provide infinite search but this way it looks I am like a nonpaying member , ?? Just to be sure I am asking if happened to you too ? Maybe it is just in my profile ??

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@ahuifra I only see 4! The others the search shows me are actually New Jersey! :joy:

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@ahuifra It’s not just your profile—THS now pauses listings once five people apply. Those listings don’t show up in the search results. Because NYC is such a popular city, most listings probably receive five applicants VERY quickly, and therefore we never see them. It’s a huge complaint in the THS community.

Here’s a forum thread all about it:


thank you to let me know it,I work during the day I cannot spend my time in competing in HS website to arrive in between the 5, It is stressful though
I understand that such a big community requires new rules I think it does! Hopefully helping on the side of sitters also …cause I have this premium account but is like I do not see anymore opportunities…


You are right the less wanted remained visible !
I am not sure this is what I signed here for


I quite like the new system but perhaps they should change it to 24 hours + at least 5 applications, otherwise most sitters who are not constantly on THS will never even see the super popular sits. For now, one strategy could be: save the listings that you are interested in so you get a notification on your phone, hit apply as soon as you see it and write a proper message when you have the time. It’s not ideal, though, and I hope the system gets fixed.


May I ask what you quite like about it please?

I’m just curious, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


In the past there used to be more listings with 10+ or even 40+ applications just sitting there for a long time, apparently without the HO making a decision or removing their listing.

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I respect if you like it the good of the Community is to have different Ideas of it and be able to listen different point of views but honestly this way is considerably reducing the opportunities…


The problem is that even if unresponsive HOs are an issue, the 5-applicant cutoff “solution” created much larger problems.

Why not encourage HOs to respond promptly by displaying a responsiveness rating on their listing, as other sites do? Most people want a good responsiveness rating and would thus make it a point to answer quickly, and those who don’t care would garner a low responsiveness rating, informing hopeful applicants know it’s not just them who are being ignored.


I do save listings I’m interested in, for this very reason; however, that’s of no good if the listings disappear before I ever have a chance to see them in the first place. Listings with booked-yet-uncompleted sits don’t show up in the “Sits Without current Dates” section at the bottom, and even the ones that do appear there are random.

I agree with the 24-hour open period before any listings are closed. This suggestion has been made several times, and seems to be the only acceptable way to implement the applicant cutoff—since THS has confirmed the cutoff is here to stay, I truly hope they’ve come to the same conclusion and are working on this behind the scenes.


Thank you! The notifications are rendered useless when even an immediate response isn’t fast enough to get within the 5 applications allowed. Its a TERRIBLE rule.


I don’t know how a responsiveness rating would work but it sounds like an AWESOME idea!

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I’ve notice fewer sits EVERYWHERE. I used to check TH daily for new sits. Now I don’t bother because there is nothing there for my dates or locations (which are very broad).

As my previous post was censored, let me choose different words. I feel let down by TrustedHousesitters and that feels very sad.

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