Inflatable Bed?

I saw a homeowner’s listing whereby the guest room has an inflatable bed for the pet sitter.

Has anyone ever slept on an inflatable bed? Are they comfortable?

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Some are comfortable, but I think it’s rude to ask a sitter to sleep on an inflatable bed if there is a real bed in the house.


Inflatable beds are fine… for camping!


I havent slept on one for 30 years - because I found it too flippin’ cold so I never have again :rofl: Although I’m now of an age where that might suit me better…


I agree some are now quite comfortable… I have just done a ton of research on them as I needed to get something so we can sleep at my mums occasionally now she’s moved into a small serviced retirement bungalow. The one we bought is very comfortable, has a headboard, inflates in a couple of minutes … but… I wouldn’t want to sleep on it for more than a couple of nights :slight_smile:


@Lassie @Lindsay @Ketch @Vanessa-Admin The sit is for 10 days…Thank you all for your responses; this has given me a lot to think about.

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@Vanessa-Admin Does one have to keep inflating the inflatable bed after each use?

They need a bit of a refill every other day.

For us, getting down to and up from the inflatable bed would be the issue. :rofl:

@sharondc I had my share of sleeping on inflatable beds during my student years. There are two types of inflatable beds.
Double layered that feel like a real bed and include a built in pump

or the very basic inflatable bed

If the bed is like the 1st one, you should have no problems sleeping on it for 10 days. If it is the basic inflatable bed, you will feel on your back even after 1 night. I would not recommend sleeping on a basic inflatable for more than 3 days.


I agree with this. I slept on one of the #1 examples for a few weeks when I was waiting for a new mattress. BUT it was only OK because I bought a memory foam pad to go on top. Otherwise, it will feel and sound plastic-y.

I’ve slept on a few appalling mattresses – once in a THS sit and a couple of Airbnbs.

Mine is as high as a regular bed, but I would still never ask a sitter to use one unless they needed a second bed (in addition to my own bed).

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No… they are quite sophisticated now… but after a couple of days it needing a little extra air. But… it’s just a flick of the switch. It’s more like the King Koil Luxury version @Bunnycat has linked to below. It was much better for having a mattress protector… and my mum is great at making beds comfy… she puts a mattress protector and a spare duvet to sleep on :joy:

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@RadarInc Thank you

@BunnyCat Sounds like the double layered is the way to go…thanks for the information distinguishing the two types of inflatable beds.

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We slept on one for 1 night in a cheap AirBnb. For that purpose it was OK, but we didn’t sleep too well. It also squeaked a bit. But apparently there are different kinds of inflatable beds. You can always ask about it. We as hosts would offer the best room with the best bed to our guests (and still ask if everything is OK). PS: Our mattress looked more like the cheap one.

@Lassie Good point; it makes a difference if the inflatable bed is offered as a secondary means of sleep–not primary, particularly if it is like the basic inflatable information that @BunnyCat provided.

@sharondc @Lassie I have a queen size inflatable bed which has a built in pump, a tempurpedic pillow top protector and cover which prevents any discomfort from laying directly on the mattress.

It can be inflated as firm/soft according to comfort levels, it’s normal bed height off the ground, no rolling out of bed onto the floor … is like sleeping on a water bed (which I had years ago)

At Christmas my son in law slept on it for a week and said he’d swap it for his bed at home any day … as @Vanessa-Admin says they have come a long way since having a cheap lilo mattress on the floor which was airless by the morning or even sooner.

@Angela-CommunityManager Like most things, sounds like improvements of the inflatable bed (with trial and error) have occurred over time.

Absolutely @sharondc, In fact my inflatable is a darn sight more comfortable than some hotel beds I’ve "attempted’ to sleep on … we all need our beauty sleep.