International driver's license

Can anyone kindly tell me how to get an international driver’s licence. I need one for a sit in Greece as I will be using the owner’s car. I have both a British and a South African license.


Go to a post office. I’m assuming it’s the same procedure for getting a license for driving in Spain and France. Lots of forms to fill out so try to pick a quiet time.

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@trustSitCommunity we used International Driving Permit Online | Apply Driver’s Permit | Driving Document & Permit to get a 10 year International Drivers Permit. It was the only group we found who offered an IDP for US drivers that’s good for so long. I’m not sure if it’ll work for you.

Thank you. I’m in South Africa now. Which site did you use to apply online? UK Government site?

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Thank you for the link. It seens that is for the US and they post it to you. Being in SA I need to apply online and print it. Any suggestions. Thank you.


You can drive in Greece on a British driving licence but you must have it on you at all times when driving

In Canada, we get one at our local Automobile Association. I think you need to apply for one in the country where you obtained your current driver’s licence so I suspect you might need to check on local government to find out what’s done in SA?

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Take your British driving licence and one passport size photo to a Post Office and they will process your International Driving Permit on the spot for £5.50

Edit- just saw you are in SA right now. So I just googled applying online and apparently you can only get one in person at the PO. This must have changed as I have, in the past, ordered an IDP overseas.

Thank you. Quite a minefield.

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We get ours through AMA. @Kelownagurl have you been able to get one longer than a year?

No my hubby has to renew it every year. So far we’ve never had to produce it but we figure it’s better to have it.

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@trustSitCommunity many moons ago, we were able to easily apply for ours in South Africa at an AA (automobile association) office.

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Yes, us too. We’re in Alberta.

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Ooooooo Greece, uhmazing :heart_eyes::star_struck:

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Thank you everyone. I have obtained a permit for my South African license from the AA (automobile association) here in Cape Town.
It would seem that I cannot get one for my British license unless I am actually in the UK.
I was hoping to get the British one online, as I am travelling from Cape Town to Greece.
Hopefully they’ll accept one of the two for insurance of the car I will be using in Greece.

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I’ve searched but not found reference to this question.

So we live in Chile, but are now travelling, presently in Australia. We didn’t bother getting International Driving Permits before we left Chile because over many years no-one has ever asked for them or been vaguely interested in the fact that we’ve had them, not rental car companies, nor police, the permits just seemed like a complete waste of money.

Here in Australia the TH homeowners offered us the use of their car, but their insurance company would have substantially increased the premium in the absence of IDPs.

Yet Hertz Australia tell us the Chilean licence will be fine so long as there’s someone present to verbally translate it to English. Strange huh?

We’ve seen suggestions that various countries accept “official translations” of driving licences in place of the IDP. Does anyone have experience with this, which authorities (police, insurers, rental car coys) in which countries have accepted them? Not sure if the country of issue is relevant. I can’t find anything definitive anywhere. The most common search answer is “check with insurer, car renter, etc”

We’re shortly going housesitting in Europe and need to know whether we need anything besides our licences (e.g. translations or IDPs) in order to drive there. (Living in Chile, I just KNOW how complicated it will be to arrange IDPs now that we’re out of the country!)