Inviting families with children to a pet sit

As a home and pet owner I know that some people may have some reluctance to entrust their home and pets to families with children. Three of our sitters have come as families and it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for both parties. The dogs have adored all the extra attention, cuddles and fun they get from having children around and the children have gained a great deal from their experience of caring for and being responsible for a pet and their routine. On each occasion the children have been respectful of our property and super attentive to our pets and their needs. As one of the parents said "we wouldn’t pet sit with our children unless we were sure they would be careful with the house and the pets. So fellow homeowners I would say, next time a family with children applies, give them a go!


Totally agree. Children who travel full time with their parents are far more respectful of other people’s property and the environment. I find them grown up and a joy to be around. And hats off to the parents who are home schooling. A job I would balk at but everyone I meet is doing a fantastic job. Well done.

Thank you @RosieB for sharing your experiences with families, there can be such a positive connection between animals and children when children are brought up with pets and taught respect and kindness, they seem to identify with each other.

I don’t believe the reluctance to have families sit is always to do with inviting children into the home but when a pet is not used to children then an owner will naturally be concerned as to how they will react and of course they will not be around to manage the situation.

When pets are used to children and lots of activity, having a family sit can be a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Thank you again for sharing.

@RosieB this is lovely to hear! I sit with my husband and 2 sons. My boys love animals and grew up with us looking after our friends dog Jazz until she died 2 years ago. Jazz felt like part of our family, and we all missed her hugely, and we missed caring for her. So we joined TrustedHousesitters to allow us to love and care for other pets during our school holidays.

@ElsieDownie we aren’t full time sitters travelling with children. We are just an ordinary family who really enjoy spending time with pets. However I do believe that my children are just as respectful of other people’s property and the environment as that is how they have been brought up. In fact the boys and I regularly volunteer as part of work parties on our local nature reserves so are very environmentally aware.

We do understand that not every HO is comfortable welcoming sitters with children, and indeed nor is every pet. We’re very grateful to those HOs who have trusted us with their homes and their precious pets, especially those who do not have children or grandchildren of their own.