Inviting Sitters

Hello - new here as an owner but just wondering if you can invite more than one person to do a sit. We are short on time to find someone and some people don’t even read their email or they read it and don’t respond. How exactly does it work when you invite a sitter - if they accept your invite is the sit confirmed automatically. Just not sure how it all works yet - any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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Hello @Zoegirl! In my experience as a sitter, when I am invited I still have to apply, that gives the HO the option to accept or decline.


Hi @Zoegirl you can reach out to many sitters at one time, those who you believe will be right for you, your pets and your home. When a sitter responds this is the time to begin your communications, by message and inviting a Skype/Video call this is the opportunity to ask all of your questions of each other. There are great articles on the website blog which will guide you through the process.

Experienced sitters will help you also, I cannot stress the most important thing is to communicate, this will help ensure a successful sit for everyone involved.

When you have communicated with a sitter and you both agree that the arrangement will be right for everyone you invite the sitter and they will need to confirm at this point you can share the Welcome Guide and arrange arrival times.

There are articles about questions to ask, cleaning guides, how to prepare etc.

You will also have great help and advice here on the forum.


I have a related question - can HOs invite sitters without posting the sit publicly? I assume so, but not really sure.

I also ask because I want to make sure this HO knows that it’s also a good idea to post the sit publicly so everyone can see it (in the off-chance that they haven’t).

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I’m new to THS as an owner but I believe you can invite sitters privately without posting the sit publicly. We have posted the sit (in Victoria BC) publicly but haven’t had much response so we’ve started going through profiles and inviting sitters who are close by.


Hi @Kelownagurl this section from our Help Section (FAQ’s) answers your question and the how



DO you know how I change from a sitter to a owner?

Hi @serenamomberg … if you confirm your account details via DM I can do this for you.