Is anybody else choking on diffuser sticks?

We’ve been happily doing house sits since 2019. We are in the UK for 2 years but recently we see homes that are deluged with heavily scented diffuser sticks, which makes us sneeze and wheeze. We have learned to remove them for the duration of our sit but it can take a day or two to eliminate the scent.
Our current sit we noticed the older dog is hacking a lot and seems to have improved since we removed all the sticks. There were a dozen hidden around the house and I kept finding more.
This home is immaculate and mold-free as were
the last two with multiple stick diffusers. Is it impolite to ask the HO to remove them before we arrive?
I try to take photos to place them back in the exact location.


No, I love them and was recently in a housesit that had them all over the house. Horses for courses I suppose. The reaction you’ve had is how the shop ‘Lush’ makes me feel

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The first thing I do is remove them all. I put them in a room we don’t go in, or outside on a patio. I also take pics and return them when we leave. I am very sensitive to smells and my nose and eyes burn from them.

I don’t think it would be rude to ask that they be removed before you arrive so long as it is asked in a polite way.


Same as @Kelownagurl


We remove them as well. Also plug in air fresheners which we come across a lot too.


Wow I thought it was just me! I smell them as soon as I enter the house and become a bloodhound until I find and eliminate them all. Diffuser sticks, essential oils diffusers, potpourri baskets, incense, wall plug ins, bushels of dried sage…I put it all away or in a trash bag and return it before we leave.


My worst nightmare! They go straight outside but, as you say it an take several days to clear the smell from the house. Plug in air fresheners also head straight for the outdoors as soon as I arrive.


I love them. Unfortunately when you have them in your own house you get so used to the smell that you don’t notice it after a while.

I have some mildly-scented (in my view) diffusers. I would be irritated if a sitter wanted them removed for a sit of just a few days, but would be more accommodating for a longer sit. It seems a little high-maintenance and I’d wonder what else the sitter might find problematic.

I understand that allergies are real, but I think that if a sitter is sensitive to something found in many homes, they should mention this in the pre-sit discussions, before a sit is confirmed.

I remove them too can’t bear them.

I’m not allergic but highly sensitive - burning eyes and nose. That being said, I’ve never asked a home owner to remove them. I just do it myself when we arrive and put them back before we leave. If it’s VERY perfume-y, we open some windows to air things out a bit. I don’t feel a need to mention it in my profile since for us, it’s easily managed.