I've smashed a vase! - at what point should I tell the HO?

Three weeks into our first ever sit and I have smashed a vase whilst cleaning! I tried to find a matching one to replace it but had no luck so have replaced it with a similar one. When should I tell the HO? I’m not sure whether to let them know now but don’t want to be sending negative news whilst they are away - or should I wait until their return but risk them thinking I should have reported any damages immediately?

I would wait until they return, for the very reason you mentioned. It’s not something that will be affected by you waiting. Let’s hope it doesn’t have sentimental value :crossed_fingers: A tip, given you’re new to housesitting, is that I always tell owners to move anything of sentimental value to their bedroom (or somewhere I’m not accessing). Most people then understand that accidents happen and will be understanding. You have done the best you can in replacing it with something similar. I was on a sit with white hand towels and somehow one got stained. I replaced the set (not just one) with similar, as I couldn’t find an exact match. It went in my favour - the homeowners were impressed. Hopefully on a brighter note, when your homeowners look at that vase they will always remember you in a positive way :grin:


I agree with @Snowbird . In my first year of sitting, Mr Itchyfeet broke a small ornament and the dog chewed a cushion. We replaced the ornament as best we could; we told them when they returned. They told us we shouldn’t have tried to replace it but thanked us and we have carried out many repeat sittings.


@Colin I shouldn’t stress about it, as a HO I wouldn’t mind whether I was told when the accident occurred or when I got home. Accidents happen, we all know that and I would certainly appreciate the effort you’ve gone to in replacing the item. The advantage of informing the HO as the time of the breakage might be that they say “Oh thank goodness that was a present from… I’ve always hated it!” :joy:

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Interesting question! My first THS sitters (who were wonderful) broke a handmade bowl. It was fairly expensive and turned out to be irreplaceable BUT all our dishes are handcrafted ceramics we’ve collected over the years, and we expect them to be used. They felt terrible, of course, but I just told them these things happen when you live with art! At least my animals were all healthy and content. And I didn’t mind them waiting to tell me til I got back, nothing anyone could do at the time. They saved the pieces for me, which made me happy because I’m a mosaic artist and made a pretty butterfly with them :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway, I think you did the right thing and I’d just wait til they get home.


We include the following in our correspondence with the HO:

Precious or Delicate Items

While we are very careful and will treat your home and belongings as we would our own, accidents do happen. Please put away anything valuable, precious or irreplaceable prior to our arrival.