Lack of communication - red flag?

If I’ve hit the 5-application limit, I give them max 24 hrs after I see my message has been read and then decline if they haven’t responded. I’ve got two upcoming shorter sits that had fewer applicants, and I would have been more patient, but only if the person keeping me on read seemed like a really stellar sitter.

Yep - if my dates are coming up close, I also don’t wait more than a day unless they have a perfect record/reviews/intro application message.

I also consider time change, but international sitters don’t apply on such quick notice either.

Only you can decide @artgirl but based on advice & experience you need to trust your gut feeling and ask yourself if this is how they do or don’t communicate from the start, then do you want to sit for them? Keep us posted.

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Going through this thread I sense you’re not comfortable with the sit. If that’s the case, trust your instinct and withdraw. If the HO has lots of previous positive reviews, then maybe it’ll be okay?

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  1. Some pet owners just ‘trust’ the system and people’s reviews of what they have said about you. So they obviously thought they knew you well enough from that, so your No1 is not a problem but a fantastic thing.
  2. That’s a little strange, maybe they are new and don’t realise that communication has to be brilliant on both sides.

Just curious! This is the first time I’ve read that a house sitter asked a HO to split a sit. I did not know that could be possible unless the HOs are staying in place locally like a staycation.

Hi @TLH_070460 , I don’t want this topic to veer off course but yes, it is possible to split sits, but it’s not advised as too many things can go wrong. Use the spyglass icon on the upper right to search, split sits for more information.

Well, there’s no reason why you can’t ask, but of course each HO can decide that sort of thing for themselves. I asked another set of HOs early on and they were willing to consider it, but the sit didn’t work out for other reasons.

Now I’ve done a number of sits, I won’t split them, because there’s risk of the other sitter not being great and your possibly getting dragged into unnecessary complications. I’ve posted about that in other threads, which you can search for, if you like.

About the original topic: I’ve done enough sits with strong HO reviews that yesterday for example I was offered a sit without a video or phone chat. The HO said I’d checked all of their boxes and we just traded msgs on THS about logistics. I know the city and neighborhood well, having lived and owned homes there before. I also telecommute from all of my sits and sit solo as an older woman, so HOs tend to like that.

I wouldn’t do a sit without getting to know the owners first in some way. Sometimes that can be through messages only, if my gut feeling is right. In most cases I have a video call with them though.

The important thing for you isn’t the reasons why they chose you, the important thing is that you feel good about doing this sit. If not, don’t do it.