Leaving out pertinent information

When I find a sit that I am interest in, I ALWAYS read it multiply times before I apply. They mentioned that one of the cats was deaf on the site and nothing about the other cat. I was interviewed over the phone and I accepted the position. I met them a week later and the animals except for one. This is when I was informed that the cat is FIV and I never met it because it was hiding. We also agreed on different dates that was not on the site… I would email them and it took 2 weeks before they responded. A week later I decided to cancel the sit because I no longer trusted them. How could this have been handled differently?


Your post is not too clear - I am guessing because English is not your first language - have you used google translate?

  • What does this mean? “one of the cats was death on the site”

A cat can not have HIV - FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency virus) is a similar virus to HIV ( Human Immunodeficiency virus ) but the virus’s can not cross between Humans & Cats

If you agree different dates you should always get them changed officially on the site.

The delay in email response would frustrate me but dependant on how important the question was and how quickly a response was needed. I have a booking in October that the home owner is slow to respond to a couple of messages I have sent but it does not particularly worry me as their is no urgency for me to get a response.


Wondering if they mean “deaf” not “death”?

i took it to mean that one died? but yeah, it’s not really clear.

I meant Deaf and FIV… I emailed them once regarding the agreed dates.
I have been housesitting for 3 months and didn’t want to turn down sits in this phase. I come to realize that “One size does not fit all.” I will no longer accept a sit that I am not comfortable with. Thank you all for your responses and corrections.


Never be afraid to turn down a sit that seems off to you, for whatever reason. As for the FIV, unless it impacts daily care - like requiring medication, I wouldn’t see a need for a HO to mention it.

Good luck!


That sounds like an excellent plan. Never ignore red flags. It’s always tough on your first few sits because you’re not totally sure what to look for. Good luck!

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Thank you…