Make Your Cat A Star!

Happy #Caturday :heart_eyes_cat: The Felines Are Taking Over DogTV .

Do you dream of seeing your kitty’s name up in lights? Do you long to show the grandkids proud photos of your famous feline? You’re in luck!

Our feline friends are taking over at and they need your help!

:smirk_cat::camera_with_flash: Submit your cat photos and videos using this link Video Upload Form now for a chance to have your very own kitty take centre stage on the Hello - DOGTV: Television for Dogs website, and app.

Your cat stealing the spotlight from their canine counterparts? We definitely think they’d approve. :flashlight:

HOW TO GET INVOLVED :point_right: Simply submit your photos and videos using this Video Upload Form by the 25/05/22 for a chance to be featured.

From zoomies and unlikely feline & canine friendships to sleeping beauties and sun spots, we want to see it all.

Kitty world domination just got a little bit closer… :smirk_cat::feet: