Meet up Monterey/Carmel 6/17-7/5

I’m in Monterey doing a 3rd time repeat sit. I’ve spent a lot of time in this gorgeous region of California and would love to share. I’m here through July 5. I know of a couple.of great cafes and would happily meet up if you’re in the region. I’m pretty flexible since I’m with kitties. I’m also going whale watching at some point and have gone out regularly with Monterey Bay Whale Watch for over 10 years.


I live in Santa Cruz County. I haven’t had an opportunity to meet up with other house sitters so this would be a great opportunity and I’m always happy to visit Monterey or Carmel. I’m available during the week or on weekends. Julie


Very jealous. It’s one of our favourite places. We’re UK based & it’s been a few years since we last visited but we can’t wait to return.

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Hi Julie, let je figure out a day and I’ll send you a massage.

Hi @Catgoddess_99

You are in one of my all time favourite locations! :heart:

Not sure whether you have been in Paluca Trattoria located at 6 Fishermans Wharf, Monterey but it is a fab little Italian Restaurant that also featured as the “Blues Blue Cafe” in the filming of the award-winning HBO series, “Big Little Lies” and the food and view are superb too! :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope there are other members in the area until July 5th that can meet up with you and enjoy the rest of your time there! :blush:

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I met up with a sitter from Santa Cruz a couple of days ago. I posted a photo at the meet-up thread to share photos.

Aa a local bay area resident, I’ve been coming to Monterey for over 20 year’s regularly. I’m an avid and regular Whale watcher with Monterey Bay Whale Watch as well. I typically don’t dine on the Wharf, too crowded except off season. My preferred spots are in ‘PG’ Pacific Grove and that’s where I met up with a fellow sitter. This region is definitely one of the best areas on the California coast.

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