Meeting up near Pleasantville, NY - 20 Dec-1 Jan

I know I originally set this up as a general meet-up thread but its getting long.
I’ll be sitting in Pleasantville, NY, 20 Dec-1 Jan. Anyone around and might like to get together for a meal or coffee. I’m driving to this sit so can travel a bit.
Had a great lunch with Amparo while sitting in the Twin Cities in Nov and would welcome another.

Hi, @toml. That’s a strong possibility for me. I’ll be on a sit across the river from you, in Tuxedo Park. Perhaps lunch or coffee midway? Let’s see what the weather is looking like. Ok?

Hi @toml it’s great to see members connecting on and off the forum … the best way to arrange meet ups is to follow up with one another and exchange personal info by Direct Message, we’ve deleted your phone number as we don’t advise publishing sensitive data on a public forum.

Let us know if you manage a rendezvous … :slightly_smiling_face:

Edith, sound good. We’ll connect as we get closer. There may be a sitter in Piermont as well. I talked with someone about sitting there, but the Pleasantville sit confirmed first.

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Yes, let’s talk!