Meetup Sonoma, CA 13 June--Join Me for My Birthday!

Anyone in the CA wine country in mid-June? I will be on a sit near Sonoma and will celebrate my birthday on the 13th. While I’m sure I will enjoy the company of my canine host (10-yo Labradoodle), if there are any other sitters in the area who want to meet up for lunch, dinner and/or a glass of wine, that could be fun! I have my car so can meet pretty much anywhere in the wine country.


@J0e Thank you for starting a meet-up, I hope some members are available to meet up and share your birthday with you! :smiling_face:

What a special place for a birthday meetup @J0e! and you have the same birthday as my daughter, although it might be a bit far for her to come :wink: hope you have a great birthday and meet some new THS friends …

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