Movies and Books

Since the beginning of my time on Earth, ok since early childhood, I have enjoyed stories!
Fiction, non-fiction across all genre in film, literature, performing arts….

Who else is passionate about movies and books?
What are you watching/reading now?

Movie series Just finished Bosch
A crime series based on book series

Fun Netflix fix Maya and the three
A great animated series family friendly

Oh boy, avid reader here. I read over a hundred books in less than two months when I first retired. I had a lot to catch with in life.
Currently reading the works of Joseph Benner.

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:sunglasses:My type o question. I can spend hours in the history section of a library or bookshop & hate making a decision…We used to have four bookcases of delicious books to oogle over but they found new homes at second hand bookshops.

Currently reading: In Good Faith: a history of the vietnam war vol 1(45-65) by Sergio Miller and Patched: The History of Gangs in New Zealand by Jarrod Gilbert

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Ooh I will look for In Good Faith.
I too always had floor to ceiling wall to wall books. I once stayed 3 weeks in the home of an English professor. His library was like one would expect. Absolutely delicious. I find I take photos of books for future reference.
Books has been the hardest thing to let go of.

Now it’s mostly Ebooks, digital and whatever I find in the home.

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I had a copy of A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam
Book by Neil Sheehan & would read it again!

Another book I passed to a friend & would give to anyone is To The Bitter End: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer 1942-45. His first diary I Will Bear Witness, was a bit slow to start.

Another goodie is Jane Jacobs-Death & life of great american cities. If you know any urban planners, it’ll be on their reading list as well as the film about her.

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Very nice. If I disappear for a bit you’ll know where I went :hugs:
Thank you.

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I am also an avid reader, and belonged to a book club before I retired and moved away. My favorite book (autobiography) of all time has to be Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand about the life story of Olympic athlete and POW, Louis Zamperini. The story was made into a movie, and although it was enjoyable, it barely introduced you to all that he endured as a prisoner of war. Although it’s over 400 pages, I’ve actually read it twice. Happy reading folks!!!

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oh I like it. Thank you so much. I love books with some depth and thickness.
Welcome to the forum @Joanne

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Thank you @Amparo. I love books that feel never ending…I fall in love with the characters and miss the story when it ends. Perhaps it’s why I enjoyed the Outlander book series so much.

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Wonderful series. Watched the series for the first time in the UK. Nothing better than actually being in Scotland. I was in love with Anne Rice’s series years ago, took my first trip to New Orleans because of those books!