Moving on from a bad review

It occurs to me that, even with 99 positive reviews, if the 100th one is negative, that’s the one which will stay in the sitter’s mind and worry them.
Just a suggestion to turn this to your advantage: when applying for your next sit, draw attention to this review with a comment like “unfortunately my high standards did not match those of the HO (or sitter if you’re the HO) which resulted in a misunderstanding on both sides. Please be assured this has never happened before and I hope you will consider my application based on previous 5* reviews”.


The more reviews you have, the less impact a single bad review will have. An odd bad review in amongst a sea of good ones says more about the person that wrote the bad review than it does about the person receiving it.


I agree with Colin, I’d be more inclined to think that maybe there was something about the poster off the single bad review…

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