Mutually beneficial exchange

Your English is perfect and you’re the type of sitter I’d love to invite into my home and introduce to my dog. It’s a win win!:+1:

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I’ve been a member for a year and have had 2 wonderful sits as a HO. I’m very satisfied with everything about THS. Let’s keep it positive.


Thanks a lot…:blush::blush:

I agree. Let’s stay positive and give eachother some credits. :100::white_check_mark:


The new “blind review” system is now on line.

Facts are facts!

Well, it seems that even though there are some folks that are unclear on the concept of the exchange, or that seem to have universally unreasonable expectations…there isn’t anything to stop them from posting initially. So as sitters we have to do due diligence and, of course, have our own set of boundaries in place. I was particularly bemused by one sit that revealed that the owner’s elderly mom, who lives in a separate building on the property, would also need checking on (as though this service could just slide in there under ‘pet & home caregiving’)…! And, who knows, they may have good- hearted, generous applicants for the sit, but… really?

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I saw a sit like this but they were offering payment to look in on the mother every day. Big responsibility but might suit someone

I agree that the “mission” of THS is to bring people together for this mutual exchange. I think the videos – at least the ones that have been around for a while – where both petparents and sitters are interviewed, try to tell people about the site are in line with this.

However, some of the advertising is not. Some of the advertising targetting sitters implies this is a glamorous “job” with free travel benefits. Some of the advertising for petparents looks like unlimited sitters for a low yearly fee.

I’ve also worked at non-profit jobs that involved various stakeholders understanding the mission. There are always people who “get” it immediately. They don’t need a hundred examples. It makes sense to them. Then there are people who don’t. You can give them examples, provide a step by step explanation, and theyjust don’t grasp it. In the case of THS, there is conflicting messaging by the company that makes it worse.

Given that the aim of the advertiser is to get people to sign up and pay the money, people are going to read in what they want this to be and not think it through. There are HOs who no doubt feel ripped off that they can’t get sitters. There are no doubt sitters disappointed at listings that are “too much work.”

IMO as a business, THS should be targetting HOs in prime location or able to offer great amneties and truly unique experiences. Really the question for pet parents should be: “If there were no pets, and you listed your home on Airbnb or Vrbo, would you get any takers?” along with “Are your asks in terms of home and petcare reasonable for a “free” sitter who is also traveling and or working?”

The question for sitters should be: “What skills, experience, or personal qualities do I have that would cause a petparent to choose me over other applicants?”