My Member story: Top tips for Sitters

For those of you who have not met me, I am Ben and work for TrustedHousesitters as a Product Manager, I am also an active pet parent and Pet Sitter member.

I recently wrote about my experience and top tips for Pet parents and thought it would be good insight to share my experiences as a Sitter.

I was lucky enough to go on my first international Sit in New York Brooklyn Heights, looking after an 11-year-old cat named Ira. He was so friendly, and spent many hours playing with his beloved toy, Mr. Bee….

Here are my top tips; applying for a sit, before the sit, whilst on a sit, and after.

This should be helpful advice for newbies and ring true for experienced Sitters :sweat_smile:

Thanks, Ben


Hey Ben, one tip you missed - check on the site multiple times a day, or better still, have a search saved, and if your phone buzzes with a result at 3 am, get up and check it. As soon as you see a sit apply immediately - don’t take any time to check flight availibility or cost - if you do, you’ll be to late and unable to to apply anyway.


@Auscal Why ?

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I am well aware of the issue. This is mostly all we talked about on this forum the last few months. And I informed some HO about the new rule, when applying to their assignment.

My comment is addressing the reason to start again the debate. We all know by now, this rule is there to stay. Some members decided to quit, some stayed and adapted.

Let’s talk about something else. I still am able to find good sits, even while sleeping through my nights.


@Auscal sadly, the absolute number 1 tip these days if you are in a different timezone.

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