New Sitter - Please advise

@Sylvia2 We always use WhatsApp for video calls. That seems to be the most common and popular option. Every single host we’ve ever had (87 to date) has been happy to connect over WhatsApp!
We always give our WhatsApp number directly in our application message and suggest establishing a direct connection on there as soon as a host wishes to connect further. The quicker you get off the THS site for communication the better! Whatsapp then continues to be our main contact method - for messages & pictures-up to and throughout the sit. The big advantage is that you can use it worldwide over wifi, or mobile data, wherever you are. And you always have the phone number to call direct too if necessary. We just finished a sit here in the UK- right in the sticks- no mobile connection - so despite having a UK number we could only connect over WhatsApp. So its a pretty flexible option.
I’ve used Skype, Messenger & Zoom also but always prefer Whatsapp.


Ok, thanks. I am uploading app today.

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Sorry, I meant Google Meet. My mistake!
I use Skype for one to one client meetings. I haven’t had any issues since the Microsoft takeover although there were some tech issues for a while and I think pre-COVID microsoft was trying to figure out how to monetize Skype or get rid of it. Frankly, it’s ridiculously easy to use for technophobes, and great for one to one meetings. I basically use it for my business which is ALL one to one meetings. I like how you can edit the chat, which you can’t do with WhatsApp.

Hi All, I did look at Google Meet today, and activated that in my gmail. I also downloaded WA, it went well. I am now a little bit forward with the to-do list y’all suggested! Now I have to bug some people I know and practice! Thanks again everyone. I will try using these two and see how it goes. Now to work on those photos.


I would love feed back on my profile as well. Joined a week ago, but open to suggestions.

Thanks all.

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Welcome @blab555 first you need to link your profile so we can see it .

Hello Sylvia :slight_smile: , welcome !

So many people answered your questions perfectly this is amazing, I will also be doing pet sitting in the future and wants my profile to be well done so people can trust me with their lovely furry friends ! I saw your profile and it’s very great

Hi Matty, yes they did. I have already learned from the community. Thanks for the good thoughts.

Correct English could make it easier. For examble, in English, if you want to ask for guidance and help - the word is advice not advise. In English the two words mean different things. Pictures are essential. Home Owners are looking for someone to look after their home as well as their beloved pets, so include your interests and hobbies, Sell yourself. If you are vegetarian or vegan, say so - it is important That a HO knows what to expect and how to best prepare for your arrival. Happy future sitting.

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“Pictures speak a thousand words “ include in your profile photos of you with your cat and if you have any other photos of you with other pets or animals that will help too .

It’s good to include in your profile why you are coming to stay in someone else home e.g - is it for a holiday, to attend an event , visiting friends or family in the area or to work . You don’t need to give out all your personal information but most homeowners like to know a little bit about who is coming to stay in their home and what they will be doing whilst there.

If you are a non-smoker you can put that in your profile too as some homeowners are looking for this .

Wow thank you so much for the amazing tips, I will definitely do that ! When it will be time I will post pictures of me and my cat, I started to see what could I put in my profile, for me it will always be for taking care of the pet only ! I have no other reason to travel than that ^^ and of course exploring other cultures but that’s a given.

I love that we do video call before so the two people can really see if it would be a good match with their pet, it feel very important for me, as pets sense a lot !

Definitely will put non-smoker / non-drinker etc, as it seems important to mention

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[quote=“Marion, post:10, topic:44331, full:true”]
Despite what others may think, I think my external references helped me to find sits when I started. If there are others that if you’ve petsit for – even a neighbor whose dog you sometimes walked those authentic stories are helpful. In fact, even if it was one weekend twenty years ago when you watched the cats when someone had a family emergency that’s real, and believable, and makes you seem like the trustworthy person you are. …
It also wouldn’t hurt to have something external when you are getting started – linkedin for example. And Airbnb. All of these are just shortcuts to “trustworthiness” that pet parents are seeking.

As a HO I agree with Marion, I prefer references from past sits but all of us started somewhere (including me :blush:) . I’ve really appreciated Airbnb references or Rover or others that a sitter has helped .
Have wonderful travels and I hope you have lovely experiences

Thanks, I do have references on my profile now. THanks for the feedback!

Welcome Sylvia! Your profile is wonderful. You will snap your first sits up in no time. You sound like a wonderful lady :blush: :purple_heart: :pray:

Thanks, EllenandMatt. I am amazed at all the kind feedback.

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