New York, New York

My husband and I are going on a cruise out of New York in October. It will be our first time there and we only have two nights prior to the cruise so will be just a quick overview. Any recommendations of hotels, air B & B to stay for two nights? It’s an expensive city I know so really just looking for a decent place which doesn’t break the bank and we can see some sights prior to our cruise., We could look for a pet sit of course :smile: if anyone needs

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We have visited NYC many, many times and absolutely love the city. We have stayed a number of times here:

Just an FYI, Airbnb is illegal in NYC.

I don’t have a recommendation of a particular place but you might want to look on Groupon. . Being from the area, I have never used it for hotels, but I always like to look at the different categories of deals, and they have some good hotels on there.

And if you stay near Little Italy, I recommend a fabulous restaurant we ate at several months ago: Da Gennaro. They also have a wonderful outdoor seating pavilion.

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I use Hotel Tonight and Priceline apps to check prices. Sometimes the hotels will match or come close to the 3rd-party rate. A small hotel chain that I love that does not use 3rd party booking is Casablanca/The Library.

Of entire places (less than 30 days). You can still do short-term rental if the resident/host is on the premises.

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Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for this info!

Yes, should have clarified. A room in a home with the owner present is legal. That’s not our Airbnb thing, so didn’t cross my mind.

I did a quick search for “entire place” in Manhattan, and there were some that specify that they’re legal, e.g., if the upstairs unit is the Airbnb, and the people live downstairs.

In any case, I’d go the hotel route. There’s plenty of competition.

Not to mention numerous stories of “scam” apartment rentals.

…and rentals of 30 days or more are legal whether the owner is on premises or not.

Yes @Katie, there’s lots of competition and not many visitors at the moment, so hotel room rates are at historic lows. It’s a great time to visit!

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I actually just returned from New York today, after visiting a friend from Amsterdam who flew over in order to board a transatlantic cruise. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn/Times Square Central. There were multiple other cruisers staying there as well. I’ve also stayed at The Pod Hotel – there are several locations in Manhattan – but I’ve always stayed at the Times Square Pod. Yes, the rooms are very small, but I don’t go to New York to stay in my room. It’s clean, modern, and has all that you need – just in a very small space :slight_smile: Yotel is another small room, less frills type of place. And, of course, look for a pet sit – there always seems to be many in New York City!

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HI @sledgejoyce there is a mural on a High Line building …

“If you have enough space in New York you are either very wealthy or very small”

Hi there! I am a local NYer, member of TrustedHousesitters and I love travel planning! Please reach out to me and I can give you some advice on where would be best to stay and everything that you should do during your time in this amazing city.

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I also looked at the Hilton Gardens - thanks for the suggestion but found another place in the meantime.

Thanks so much kaylarose! I did book a place - we’re basically only there for two nights prior to a cruise. We’ve done a lot of the hop on and off bus tours in cities where we’ve only had a short time so will probably do that to get a quick overview in such a short time and if we like we can always return.

Awesome! Have a great time!