Newbie question

When searching for sitters, how do you decide which location to search in?

As this is our first experience with THS, we feel that finding a sitter in the UK would be best as this is where we are located but were wondering, what did other owners do for their first time. Did you search for sitters that know your location or from the opposite side of the country?

Thanks in advance.

The easiest thing to do is post your listing and see who applies! The perfect match for your sit could be from anywhere.


This is not like Rover etc where the owners select someone from a local pool of sitters. Typically on THS, it is the other way around: you post dates for your listing and sitters apply, from anywhere in the world.

So the HO needs to present a listing that works to attract sitters.


Searching for sitters doesn’t really work as a lot of us are booked a long way ahead. The best way is to make your sit look attractive with good photos and information and see who applies. If you want a UK sitter then say so in the ad. Someone wrote to me before Christmas who had written to 200 sitters with no luck.

Hello @Leslie5 and welcome :wave:t3: As the other members have said, build your listing with great photos, a full description, lots of info on the pets and then see who applies. Might be good to say something like “As we are new to THS we think we would prefer a UK sitter for peace of mind but are open to applications.” or something similar. Am guessing you think you want a UK sitter as they’ll be more committed. It doesn’t really work that way as sometimes the international sitters have bought flights and are therefore way more reliable. (That’s from an experienced Brit-Turk combo who don’t sit in the UK but sit internationally 80% of the time). Best of luck :raised_hands:t3: PS you can add your listing here once it’s live if you’d like feedback on its appeal


I have accepted a few sits when home owners have contacted me. If a nice house in good location, with friendly looking pets and I am available, I am more likely to accept. I don’t often do local ones but have done so, if I am definitely around and especially if home owners let down last minute, such as one, who had sitters cancel on them twice for example. I am finding more home owners, who have said they have been let down last minute. Getting far more common.
Really just look at a sitters profile and if they say they are happy to travel anywhewre then it is always worth sending an invite. There is nothing to lose and they may say yes.
I frequently miss sits, as do not continually look, so can be pleasant surprise, if the perfect sit is offered to me.

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We’re in the UK and sit fulltime. We mainly sit within a 2hr drive of our hometown, and often return to sit in our hometown so we can visit family at the same time. But every sitter is different, some want to travel the world, it just depends, so post your ad, see what happens and if the response isn’t so great then try reaching out to sitters or try tweaking your ad (or posting it in here for any tips), as there may be a reason. Good luck.

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