Newbie - selecting sitter - reviews?

I’m brand new and just offered my first sit. I got one offer to sit and I can see the person’s profile, but I thought I saw reference in the forums to reviews, but I can’t see any reviews or even a place for reviews in the offerer’s profile. Can someone direct me to this if it’s something that is available?


Hi @SassM7753 if you do not see any reviews on the sitters profile, that means they haven’t received any yet.

You might find this blog helpful.

All sitters start in the same place - often, without a lot of reviews on their profile. However, we like to think of our new sitters as our ‘hidden gems’. That’s because taking a chance on newly joined sitter is a great way to snab a dedicated and reliable pet sitter, before they get booked up!

New sitters are also likely to be local to you and more flexible in their plans. Plus, as a TrustedHousesitters member you can rest assured knowing all sitters will be ID verified (and, if they’re in the US, they’ll have completed a background check, too).

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a first-time sitter:

  • Read their profile: have they created a well-crafted profile, with good photographs giving you a sense of who they are and why they want to be sitters?
  • Do they have external references?
  • Read their application message: is it personalised, professional and friendly?
  • Are they happy to jump on a call/video chat/meet you in person?

Thank you very much, Julie. I suspected it was this way but wasn’t sure.