No applications for December sit

I have a one month trip to Mexico planned for mid December to mid January. I cannot go without a sitter and I have had no applications. It is cold in Delaware in December and not a hot tourist spot. I am getting a little worried and wonder if anyone has any suggestions.


Hi @Marylou I did post this response to your post on another topic …

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Don’t worry too much yet. I also have a sit for December and zero applications yet, but I don’t think anyone is looking that far right now…especially with the uncertainty of the State of the World. I am going to guess that by September or early October you will get a deluge of apps.

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Hi @long1016 Welcome to our community forum and thank you for bringing a good dose of optimism with you.

It’s very true there is still uncertainty connected to travel and planning too far ahead, but there are very positive signs and as you say come September, early October there is likely to be more members looking ahead to Christmas and making plans.

Thank you again for joining, enjoy connecting and having conversations with members from around the world.

Angela & The Team

Don’t panic @Marylou! It’s early yet and as Angela points out, many are uncertain and it is still early. I know your area well as I used to work in Elkton. it is beautiful there and your babies are too cute. I would if I could have a conflict with dates as I am booked elsewhere in January :-).
Your posting looks great so hang in there.

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