No car for sits-Uber?

Hi All-

When flying into other US states do you all prefer to use Uber, Lyft or rental a car if sit doesn’t offer a car or pick up at the airport? Renting is astronomical for some of the dates I have tried for sits I want to do and I have not used Lyft or Uber . I would love to do these sits but I am not forking out $1250+ for a rental car, so I pass on many out of state sits due to this. It is truly frustrating. How do you curb this expense and also get around?

What about emergencies like if you need to get an animal to the vet in the middle of the night-are Lyfts and Uber even available at these times and do they allow animals in the cars? TIA


Uber or Lyft. If you can, link it to a rewards credit card.
In these situations, which do happen try to avoid sits really far away from your arrival destination and have a plan in place.
I consider it cost of living.

In an emergency, there should be emergency contacts, friends, family and or neighbors if a car is not available.

If none of the above is an option look for a sit that is more suitable to your situation and that will meet the needs expected of you.

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And Uber and Lyft are 24/7

You can also try these private peer-to-peer rental companies. They often have better prices


@Libby2019 I have used Uber on sits in Australia and Hawaii and found them to be wonderful - efficient and at a reasonable cost. As a solo sitter, even if a car is provided, in a pet emergency I may still opt to use an Uber or taxi, depending on the circumstances, so that I can comfort the pet and focus my attention on them during the journey.

Thankfully I haven’t had to address that so far. However, I have an upcoming sit in Mexico with a car provided and I still asked for and have been given the best company for Uber-type services. I want to know my options for all circumstances.

I have travelled in the US where I ask for details of the convenient transit from the airport to the home. If the homeowner offers to pick me up, I happily accept. However, sometimes it’s a case where the homeowners themselves would use some type of shuttle or bus route, and if so then I appreciate that information. I always expect to pay for that transportation.

I have done sits in the US where a car truly was not needed. I can’t think of an instance where I would pay for a rental car anymore. There are many sits I discount because of the need for a vehicle, but I keep looking until a good fit for me comes along. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Depending on where you are, a car may or may not be needed.
I ask about using the HO’s car and have occasionally rented.
Lyft (my choice) and Uber were great options but they are becoming less useful, at least in some places in the states - a few examples -
I flew into a sit in Brooklyn, NY - the HO didn’t own a car so couldn’t pick me up - Lyft was quoting $80 from JFK to the location in Brooklyn. A metered cab was only $60.
Returning to DC a few weeks ago, Lyft was asking for $60 to take me home (used to be $22). A DC metered cab is $26 to $30 depending on traffic.
In Chapel Hill/Raleigh after 10 pm it is almost impossible to get an Uber/Lyft.


Havent used a cab in years but wondering do you pay w cash if you do? How do you know upfront if a cab is cheaper? Is there an app or do u just hail one and ask? I’m in Iowa, enough said. :joy:


I’m also curious as to @Libby 2019 s question and any answer. Have just had my second ever Uber, in Mexico city, and it was def cheaper here than taxi

There is an app for both. They are paid online and each party can review. You put in a request and wait/hope a driver picks it up. It is a lot cheaper than normal taxis.

An app called Curb can be used for taxis in the US. Not everywhere and not sure how good it works. Worked for me once in DC.
Most taxis in DC, NY, SF, LA and New Orleans where I’ve used cabs have a method to take credit cards - either a built in system or the driver has a square device attached to her/his phone and can swipe a cc.


So I understand this…I can walk out of an airport and just hail a cab and pay w a CC swipe? How much do you tip, if at all? I am living under a rock!


I use Grab/go-jek in Indonesia and Singapore, the same idea as Uber.

Fares often depend on time of day and availability of drivers, even the weather can affect the price - if it’s raining in Singapore, the price can double as everyone wants a cab at the same time.
In SE Asia you can choose between a car and a bike, bike is about half the price, but obviously not when carrying luggage! You can pay via the app, or cash, and can also tip via the app. Fares are normally fixed before travel, so you know what you pay.

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@Libby2019 I’m glad you are asking these questions. You are not the only one who hasn’t taken a cab in some years!

We are in the UK - We only started using cabs about a year ago when we started travelling full time. I soon learned that Uber has totally disrupted the sector here - it seems that no one even says ‘cab’ or ‘taxi’ anymore - only ‘Uber’

I have to say though that I have been really impressed with the service. You need to have the app on your phone, tell it where you are and where you want to go and it instantly tells you how much the fare is and how long before your Uber will arrive - usually very quickly! If you want to tip you can after the journey is completed, again via the app so no pressure,

The best thing about Uber is knowing how much the journey will cost and paying before you travel so the days of getting ripped off by taxi drivers are thankfully history.


@Libby2019 , @Debbie
Concerning Uber, Lyft or other cab companies:
It’s really easy!
You download the app on your phone and set up an account with your credit card or PayPal details. Like this you don’t need any cash.
When you arrive at the airport you open the app, you click on the preferred option which kind of car you would like to use (options for 1 person or larger groups of people) and where you want to go. There are special pick up points at all airports so I would advise to go there first before confirming a ride, because usually there are lots of cars available and they already wait to be confirmed. If you click too early they might not find you and drive away or accept someone else. The app shows you exactly where you are located on the map and if there are cars available and how many as well as how much the ride will probably cost (exact fare will be shown after arrival).
At your arrival you will be asked if you want to leave a tip, which you can give but don’t have to. This all will go without any cash involved.

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I use to get an idea of what is available and relative costs, it varies with the locality.

Pet transport I would discuss with the homeowners, they should be able to advise you. In my area there are pet taxi services, eg

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This is the case for me too even though I live here and know my way around. People who have cars have no idea of the cost AND Uber/Lyft are NOT available in many cities… the drivers will not respond to your request if it is outside their choice of locations. Remember they are self employed and if they drive you to an area where there is very little demand for them, they cannot make money to drive back after taking you to your destination. Therefore they cannot respond to you. Also the pandemic caused rental cars agencies to sell off car inventory, AND cars are more expensive to purchase since the pandemic. The price of getting rides puts US people in a position where we cannot apply for the sits either. Don’t listen to people who have cars… they will tell you how easy it is to get Uber or Lyft but they are mistaken except for in the heavily populated areas. Good luck.

Thank you for mentioning taxicabs! Many are quite reasonable and the pro behind the wheel is more likely to receive a living wage. UBER was launched by a disciple of Ayn Rand.