No uptake from the county we live in

Just an fyi, I spoke to a HO friend here in the US who is having the same problem finding a sitter. She noted that none of the other listings in her state seem to have applicants either. A sitter she knows has just relinquished his THS membership because of the new requirement for Socially Security numbers, and I suspect this requirement has caused a number of sitters to leave THS. I never heard this complaint about a shortage of sitters prior to the introduction of the new ID checks. Incidentally, my friend had four applicants contact her from a competing house sitting site.


I did find the listing (no sitter currently required) so I assume Cherry has found a sitter.

Cherry: if you read this, I agree with CreatureCuddler, as a solo sitter with 20+ sits I too don’t see the point applying such limitations without some sort of reasoning, maybe if you have a specific reason for needing a couple it might be useful to mention it. You can always filter your sitter(s) down from a wider selection once you have the applications.

Maybe this is a reason that you found you experienced a limited uptake, the rest of your profile looks great!