N. America to the UK sits

I am new at sitting and getting my feet wet locally. I would like to sit in the UK because of the 180 rule and there seems to be a lot of sit. I have started applying now for the holiday season.

Unfortunately, all the sit I have applied for have declined me. There has not been any contact. I have my location as the USA, as I am here now.

Should I wait until I am in the UK to apply for sits? Do HOs in the UK and Europe find it more challenging to commit to a sitter outside of their country?

I would like to have at least one sit set up before I leave. I also plan on registering for other sitter platforms, specifically for the UK and Europe. If anyone knows of good ones, please let me know.


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Maybe link your profile to help folks see your info.
When I started with TH in 2019, I was fortunate to get 2 UK sits - 3 weeks at a 19th C castle in Somerset with 2 labs and 2 cats and a week in Edinburgh with a flat coat. I did have a few reviews for US sits and discussed my relative new status in my app messages.
Then came covid - but in 2022 I was fortunate to get a dozen sits over 3 trips to the UK so it does happen. Read the listings carefully and write applications that get at the descriptions of the sits and what the HOs are looking for.


Hi @Bamboo as @toml suggests it would be good if you could also add your TrustedHousesitters profile on to your Forum profile by following the attached link. This will then enable others to offer you helpful advice and feedback.

If you are unsure how to do this, or if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep trying, I’m from the U.S. and just applied to my first UK sit in Scotland next spring. I was very fortunate and they offered me the sit. I’ve been on THS for two years now and have primarily sat in the states, began local close to home on the west coast, then expanded to New England… I also will have my first Canadian sit next February just prior to the one in Scotland. Keep plugging away and the perfect sit will happen.

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Also be sure to “favorite” sits! I was invited to a Sit in the UK that I had favorited, but the dates did not work for us. I live in Oregon, USA.

Hi @Bamboo. I’m an American who’s been sitting in the UK this year and last. When I started internationally I had numerous sits under my belt, which I’m sure gave HOs some confidence, but I was also very specific in my application about why I was going, when I was going, and what my transportation would be. Once I had my feet on the ground, I changed my address to the next area I wanted to travel to. At that point, invitations came to me. Keep applying, you’ll get there!


My husband and I have several sits in the UK scheduled for this fall/winter. We are from the US. When applying, I let the HO know the date of our flight, so they can rest easy that we will be in country. We also arrive a few days before any house sit, so we have time to get over jetlag, booking an airbnb near the sit.

I would not wait until arriving in the UK to apply. We have never had a problem with HOs not being able to commit to us once they know we have our arrival date.


Dunbar about 30 minutes from Edinburgh

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I’ll likely be heading up to the highlands afterwards as I have a friend in Inverness…I’m also exploring the possibility of doing a 5 day walking tour up there.


Thank you for the insightful reply. How did you manage the 180?

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Were you in Oregon when the HO invited you or the UK?

@Bamboo Yes, we were in Oregon. I don’t think there is a way for the Owners to see exactly where you are, if you are traveling. That would be interesting!

@Bamboo It’s not full time. I usually spend three months in France, followed by three months travelling in the UK and Ireland, then I visit home for a while, travel in the U.S. Following year, I repeat.

Hi @Bamboo there are many members who have successfully applied for sits outside of their home location whether in another country or another part of the country where they live I’m not sure how many you’ve applied for but don’t give up, the right sit is just waiting …

While we have said goodbye to COVID times there is still a nervousness about travel delays, cancellations, reduced flights even rail cancellations etc., in the minds of some members who feel more secure engaging a more “local” sitter, someone who is currently in country, in their minds this removes much of the uncertainty and this isn’t just a result of COVID it’s just how some PP prefer to manage their sitter needs.

Often sitters do find being on the ground is an advantage. You have a great profile, amazing reviews and I love the pics with horses and there are many more great equine sits coming to the site. I would be so interested in hearing more about your work at the riding camps. (BTW I would make one of those pics or the adorable one with the JR your profile lead pic., in surveys PP feedback that they look for pics with pets as the first in a profile)

As @Lulubelle says be sure to communicate your plans well and give prospective PP’s every reason to be confident in their choice and invite you for a call to discuss.

Good luck, I’m sure it wont be long before we have an updated “I have my UK sit!!” announcement.

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Same situation. I don’t know if it is a cultural thing or not? I had 6 declines and 3 who accepted and then canceled, leaving me in a very precarious financial situation trying to reorganize flights and travel. Each sitter had an issue with leaving keys with a neighbor and notes for the sit. I don’t know about you, but here we have no issue having a trusted friend or neighbor as a go-between. I don’t think I will put myself in this position again, which is too bad because it seemed like a win-win situation. :frowning:
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I recently did a two-week U.K. sit as my fourth stay, after joining THS in March. I’m American and applied from the U.S. The HOs and I did a Zoom intw before they accepted me.

They told me which train to take, so I flew into the easiest airport to catch it. And they picked me up at the train station, with me arriving the day before they left, so we could hand off. It was straightforward and they turned out to be lovely, as were their critters.

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The UK has thousands of sits and some people post on the forum about not finding sitters. It will go swimmingly for you I’m sure. The UK is a great place for pets as you properly know, UK people are famous for loving animals :heart:

Re sits in other countries:
I have done various sits outside of Ireland where I live. In most cases I arrived the night before the sit. Sometimes I stayed with the owners and sometimes I got an Airbnb.
Once I flew to the UK the same day that the owner left, thankfully it all worked out.