NYC Meetup in July

I’m on a sit on the UWS until early Aug, and then I’ll be driving from Chicago to CA. Been doing THS continually for about 2y and would love to meet others who are part of the community! Happy to just take a walk in Central Park, go to a museum or Lincoln Center event, or just get a coffee. I tutor college-level statistics online so I have a choppy schedule with some flexibility:)

What / where is UWS?

Presumably Upper West Side of Manhattan

I’ll be in Brooklyn July 18-23. Message me and hopefully we can meet up. I love Columbus Avenue on Sundays when they close it to traffic.

Sure! Looking forward

Hello @itutorstats

I am out bumping this thread for visibility incase there are any other members in NYC in July who would like to join in and meet up with you. :slightly_smiling_face: