Odd question - anyone have an idea?

Does anyone know of a site or agency where home/pet owners can find an arrangement that includes finding someone to sublet for a reduced rent in exchange for taking care of an animal (a cat in this case) and plants in a very desirable (and ordinarily expensive) area?
My daughter and her bf live in a 2 bedroom apt in a very luxurious building in downtown San Diego near the harbor and would like to get away for 2 months in the summer but have a cat and many plants but need some of the rent covered and someone they can trust.
Any thoughts?

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I imagine this is something they would have to arrange on their own. One of the people we house sat for awhile back had a similar arrangement with a roommate–reduced rent for helping her with her 2 dogs. I recently saw a sit posted on another site where I suspected the people were doing something similar for an apartment in Hawaii, especially since there were no pets involved. They did have at least a few people apply. She could try her luck making a listing but I have a feeling THS in particular probably wouldn’t allow it. She may be able to on one of the other sitting sites and since they typically don’t charge owners, nothing to lose if it gets rejected or she doesn’t find anyone. She may stumble across someone who really wants or needs to be in the area and would have no problem paying.

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Which months is it for?

At times a listing will show that the homeowner expects a contribution to some utilities, most often in a longer term situation (and I know ‘longer’ is a subjective word). However, once the term ‘sublet’ is involved, I think that changes things, and may go against the core structure of THS. That’s my personal opinion, without making the extra effort to review THS materials. Also, there may then need to be extra steps taken with the building managers for a sublet, which starts to make things very complicated.

Like many other sitters, I have done sits that are in far more luxurious homes than my own, and ones that would likely match the one you’ve mentioned. I have never been asked to contribute to the cost. However, it doesn’t mean to say I wouldn’t consider contributing, if I felt the circumstances warranted it.

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I once petsat with a friend in a beautiful house of Texas. Way far more luxuous than mine. And you know what ? The AC/ heating system broke during one night, the heat became unbearable as the system started blowing hot air.
The owner was very Happy to have us there to inform her of the situation and then to open the door to the workers the next morning.
I think this was priceless.


This is exactly what happened to me, on a house sit in Florida. I’ve been invited back on the basis of how I dealt with that situation at the time. Priceless in the most pure form of the word.


mid May to mid July

KC1102, yeah, I know this doesn’t fit the THS set up. I’m trying to see what else is out there for this kind of situation. The rent is $4200 a month but willing to take less in exchange for caring for the cat and plants. They could sublet it no problem. These places are in demand, but they prefer to leave their plants and cat in the care of someone responsible.

I have to sit for my girl friend in July. I would have like to.

Hi @carpediem16 I hope your daughter manages to find a solution to her cat and home care if anyone is interested in discussing further you should use the Direct Message option which will enable you to go into greater detail as this is not a THS pet and house sitting situation.

Thank you

Yes, thank you. I was looking for ideas - and yes, direct message would be helpful. Thank you.