Other House Sit Sites

Cool. I was going by this thread, on which it sounded like you said you’d posted on Nomador previously: Survey question - would I recommend THS - #128 by Pawtastic

Glad you’re finding what you need on that other site. I figure different sites will evolve at different stages and some folks will need to change what platforms they use so they can get what they need. No company will satisfy everyone and some folks might end up having to use the best they can find and still not be satisfied.

For me as a sitter, it’s easier to walk away and be agnostic of any site. I also don’t have platform loyalty or expectations that specific companies will necessarily evolve to fit my needs or preferences.

I’d say it’s tougher for pet owners who want to save money for sitting — fewer choices, because otherwise they could just pay someone to sit their home and have more control.

I have a dog with special needs and just pay for what serves him best.