Owner advice

I really resent being told ‘it’s time to clean your house’, a few days before your sitter arrives, and then further advice on how to go about it. Is this really necessary? I find it insulting :rage:


It is just a generic message sent to everyone because, unfortunately, some people do need the reminder so please do not be insulted by it.

It is not the only message given to you on a daily basis that I am sure does not really apply to you - Don’t drop litter, Pick up your dog poo, don’t flush sanitary towels down the toilet, Don’t run, Don’t walk on the grass, Don’t smoke inside the building…


I’m with @Colin on this one. So many houses aren’t in good order when we arrive to sit so lots of HOs do need a reminder. You know you have a clean house so your conscience is clean too :soap:


I didn’t really expect anyone to agree with me! It’s just the way I feel and I realise this message goes out to everyone.

Hi @judif it really doesn’t go out to everyone! It’s random selection so don’t take offence. There is a similar email that gets randomly sent to sitters 2 days before a sit ends telling them it’s time to spring clean for the owner’s return!

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Yup, us sitters get the equivalent Time to clean email just before a sit ends. I don’t take it personally.

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The first thing my pet sitter said to me when she came to my house this week was, “Thank you for having such a clean house! I couldn’t even give reviews for my last pet sits because the houses were dirty.”

Never had one of those on a single sit??

Thank you Pawtastic! That’s so right. I’m glad someone agrees with me.

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