Owner Changing Listed & Confirmed Dates

Yes @Mokina. We could accommodate the change (positive covid test) so we discussed and sorted with them openly but made sure they understood it impacted us too. This is a barter system not an employee/employer arrangement. If you can’t do it then you can’t do it. If you can but there’s a cost implication then it’s totally fair to say “I can help you in this instance but you will need to cover the additional travel costs it will cause me”. If that’s a no then they have to find an alternative solution and it’s not your fault. Your signed dates are exactly that. Best of luck :crossed_fingers:


Thank you for getting back to me Cuttlefish.
I am glad to hear that you managed to accommodate the change.
In my case I have been given a very generic reason.
The alternative date would be one month before the scheduled arrival. There would be a month of costs to cover.
Beside I cannot change the travel tickets and I have several arrangements including some medical appointments that I cannot postpone.
One month is a lot.

That’s completely unacceptable (of them) to change the dates of a confirmed sit, @Mokina. Have both they and you confirmed it?

Changing the dates of a confirmed sit by a month is effectively cancelling the original dates and proposing a new sit. The owners must have a “good” reason to cancel as per the T&Cs:

5.1.15. only cancel a Sit (or complete a Sit early) if there are extraordinary circumstances and you will immediately notify the Owner or Sitter (as applicable) of this;

I would point this out to them.


As @Ketch says that’s effectively a cancellation so the sit is off. We had the same in Spain and lost some flights over it and the money. Ask THS to intervene for you and see what can be resolved….unfortunately they didn’t help us and the HO wasted both our time and money. :grimacing: 99% of both sitters & HOs are entirely honourable & reliable but there will always be the odd exception.

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Hi @Ketch
For the moment I have just received a message in the Inbox where I am asked if I can do the new dates.
I replied, I can see the message has been read, there’s been no answer yet.
Beside, I was expecting that the PP had planned the travel before entering dates for a sitting.
Thank you for quoting the article.
I am now waiting for a response. I am in touch with Support team as well, but apparently it is up to me clarifying the matter with the PP before asking the Support team to step in for a possible investigation.

Admin Notice: Edited to remove specific details.

I appreciate your real life story, so I can be clear, and concise with HO of my willingness to offer wiggle room, expanding my availability or not. There is so much to learn here. Your story helps a lot.
Thank you, Isitusit!
~ Claire +(Tarkina, Assistance/Sacred Service Dog)

Thank you for sharing your experience, so I can be aware that this happens.

Your clarity is brilliant. Can you not simply say, “No.”? No, I suppose you really, really can’t say “No.” OK, so then the HO can pay for your 1-night accommodation, as that is ONLY right. As I see it.

You sound like you are being very careful to care for their needs, and your own, and they are not being as considerate if they think you can just cancel your plans, your work, your creative service, and be left holding a bag of “shock, problems, inconveniences, expenses and frustration” to sort.

I like hearing the truth of how people behave, before I have to rally my most honest and caring responses to such behavior myself.
Thank you, MissChef.

Healthy boundaries are a thing,
Aloha, Claire

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Hi @Mokina,

What’s the latest? FYI, I always try to exchange contact info with a PP as soon as I can. That’s why I include my email and cell in my profile. And I just gave it again in my first message to an invited sit.

I can understand Support saying you should try to clarify with the PPs first. But every member should reply within 72 hours:

And premium members have sit cancellation insurance:

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Hi Geoff,
Thank you for your message.
As per my understanding, the insurance covers only in the event of a sitting cancelled within 14 days.

Hi @Mokina. Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t read all the terms, but thanks to your help I see it says:

“Unexpectedly” means a cancellation that occurs less than 14 days before the agreed sit start date or during the sit, but before the agreed end date.

That definition of “unexpectedly” is … unexpected. But now we know!

Anyway, I hope things work out for you with this sit. If not this one, then the next! It reminds me of the autobiography my uncle wrote: “Rabbit on a Bumpy Road.” He’s still hopping!