Pain of cancelling a sit

My husband & I had to cancel a sit because he had a major medical event happen & the doctors do not want him to fly. Obviously, we had no choice, but the pain I feel about cancelling is overwhelming. I find myself looking everyday to see if they found a sitter and being crushed when I see no one has applied. It’s heartbreaking enough to see my husband sick but add to it the pain I feel for the HO being worried they won’t find a sitter; well it’s hard to describe.

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@peg, don’t add to your current troubles by beating yourself up over this, please. I’m really sorry that your husband is ill and presume that you need all your focus to support him now.
Yes, there are moans on the forum about cancellations but they all acknowledge that exceptional circumstances exist. Yours is clearly in this category and the very fact you posted your message shows you are a responsible sitter, not a flighty piece.
Very best wishes to you both & we look forward to hearing that your husband is better and you have arranged a future sit.


@Peg, is the sit coming up soon? Maybe you could tell them about the last-minute forum?


they told me they are getting assistance from THS support

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thank you @Saltrams

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