Pet Parent expecting too much?

I think she was just posing the question for future listings

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If you don’t make this expectation clear before the sitter arrives, it is indeed expecting too much. If you tell applicants about it honestly and they agree, it is a fair arrangement.

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No you are not asking too much. We feel the same with our cats- and just 2! The point is for them to take care of our animals however we seem fit. In your case, they need to understand that most of the day will be catered to your animals. We ask that they don’t leave our cats more than 4 hours- and yes, cats sleep a lot! :smiling_face:

I’m the same.

As I replied to the author, Our cats are used to a lot of attention. We prefer someone to be working remotely or not go out all day without being with the cats. We also let them out at least twice a day. This requires their being at home to supervise. They could go out in between those hours.

Our cats need a lot of attention. We wouldn’t be happy with someone who wants to just go out and explore. We can get someone locally, who can come over every day- 3 x a day and spend it with them. Yes, it would cost, but I’d rather do this than have someone at the house that isn’t taking care of my pets as I would be comfortable with. And this individual has horses! That’s a big job.

My cats are fed 3 x a day- and throughout the day. Our sitters seemed to have obliged- I hope. We aren’t a part of this service for people to be going all over the place exploring. This isn’t what - I hope- house sitters is all about.

I can tell you that that is what THS is all about for me.


You should write that sentence in your listing!

You probably should hire someone locally then. It makes more sense vs. expecting someone to spend time and money to travel to you and just stay at your house. The entire marketing push of THS is to combine travel with pets.


I would change your listing to reflect all of the information you’ve shared here. Looking at the listing, I would think I’d have the freedom to take day trips or go exploring, especially as you say the cats are “no trouble” and can “come and go as they please.”

I think your sitter was absolutely correct in turning down your sit, as your expectations are wildly different from the listing information.


I’m curious to know why you think sitters would sign up for the site in that case. Why would they pay a subscription to the site, plus the cost of travel to your home to look after your pets for free when they could offer the same services and get paid for it? What are you offering your sitters if not the opportunity to explore your local area?


@Florida This is supposed to be an exchange, not just free pet care for the homeowners. The entire concept of THS is to connect people who want pet/home care with people who would like to travel that destination. Sitters should be able to explore the local area.

I work remotely and have many days that I don’t leave the house at all. But I typically plan a day or two every week to visit the local attractions or go hiking. I would never accept a sit that expected me to not leave the house. That’s not an exchange, it’s just free labor.


Thanks Temba, I have a friend who will be coming to look after the horses most days, as she rides Dawn. Snowball is in great health by the way, we think the Rescue gave his age wrong, and he must be younger than 22! Jumping on everything.


@Cuttlefish I’m waiting on my friend to see is she can come first before listing (it’s September).

I think that’s EXACTLY what this site is all about!

OTOH, if you’ve found people who are happy to stay indoors for your cats, that’s great! Really, it’s about connecting sitters to sits that suit them and vice-versa.


They can explore, but not all day. They need to be here to do what we normally do for our cats- that is to let them out twice a day and watch them- we have do’s trackers- this could be from 1-hr to 3 depending on the type of day. Where we are is a nice retreat- people like to come and relax and work- a lot work remotely- and use the amenities. They need a car to get around also- they obviously can go out and explore, but just in between giving the cats the attention they need. We do spoil them and they are used to that. And we do feed them more than the “normal” feedings… really the housesitter establishes their relationship with the cats fairly quickly and they take it from there- knowing also that if they do leave for a longer period of time that they should put food down - always leave food :blush:

It’s written and it’s explicit- we converse with them- and they are happy to do it.

We’ve found some very nice house sitters- probably more quiet, which works for us.

We recently did a cat sit and the HOs insisted that the cats be fed 3 times a day. We asked them if they will be open to purchasing an automated cat feeder and surprisingly they bought one and now they can’t stop raving how convenient that it is.
They recorded their voice too so they can call the cats for their lunch :rofl:
The cats loved it as well and quickly learned the schedule, they will line up for the food drop just a few minutes before the predetermined schedule.
Anyway something PPs could consider rather than asking the sitters to spend the whole day in the house.