Reaching out to sitters?

I do have to say I am getting a little anxious. In about 3 weeks, we thought we could go on a little trip, only one week for this time, but so far no sitter reached out to us. Is it more up to me to reach out to sitters, maybe some close to us? Or is my ad too complicated, my dogs too much of an “early bird”, or my house too old?

I am wondering. :thinking:

Thank you for any advice.

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Hi Kimba, welcome to the Forum. I have had a look at your profile and seen that you have recently had sitters staying at your place. Did they give you any feedback on how they found the tasks? I personally have the feeling that the cows (especially) may intimidate some, however your place does sounds like a good opportunity for a couple of early risers who are also flexible with the dogs’ sleeping arrangements, while trying their hand at life on a farm.
Any chance you could quantify the amount of time required to do everything? I believe it may help.

You could try and reach out to people interested in your area and animal farms, why not?


Whilst your sit sounds like a great rural experience @Kimba, it also seems like a lot of work for a week with very early starts, many responsibilities and needing your own car and therefore more expense. Can you offer a car perhaps? Can you detail what’s close by to see and how many hours the animals can be left for? Maybe change the title to “Unique countryside experience for farm loving early-riser” as more enticing & sitters less likely to skip by. We would like the first photo to be a great outdoor shot that makes us think “wow” to the beautiful place you live in. Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3:


Thanks’ for your answers. I guess I have to change some of my writing, if it does sounds like a lot of work. It is not really. The Cows are not our own anymore, we are just renting the pasture and they are only here in the summer. No work at all.
My big dog is the most easy pleasing dog ever. The little one is the early bird, but after she was out, and had breakfast, everybody can go back to sleep. :sleeping_bed: I will work my ad over. Thanks a lot for your help.


Hi Kimba
I would suggest you ask your recent sitter for feedback on his experience. As your first sitter he is like your ‘test run’ so to speak. His feedback, if positive!, could be super helpful to entice future sitters.

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O.K I will remind them. They were good people I had no issues, but in April we had no garden or Cows jet. I am sure they will sit again for us, if available. They usually like longer sits just a week might be too short.