Pets Need Food and Water?

I’ve just read another lovely available sit and it struck my silly sense of humour how many owners write in their “pet responsibilities” section that the dog(s) need their water bowl topped up!
Not sure anyone should be selected for a sit if they don’t know that :joy:


You would be surprised…

I once went away for a weekend and left my dogs with my then-boyfriend, who I shared a house with. He sent me a silly picture of one of the dogs drinking from his water cup, which I thought nothing of, until I came home to find their water bowls bone dry! He hadn’t refilled them a single time. Our relationship did not last (for other reasons. And while I was away the dogs did get some water during their daily hikes, which had a nice river for them to swim in!)

I have another anecdote from when I was dropping one of my dogs off at a sitter’s house for a week. As I was handing him her food containers he asked if it needed to be refrigerated. I feed my dog a homemade raw diet, mostly raw chicken and organs, which we had discussed before booking the sit and he could see through my clear containers. I said “yes!!”

Some people really are clueless. And I sure know how to pick em!

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I always write “fresh” water and “clean” bowls in the guide. You would think it would be a given but I have seen otherwise.

I believe you are correct. As a HO how do you know in advance that the sitter will change the water. This is exactly what I came home to this past week. The water had not been changed for about a week and my dog was now drinking out of the toilet? My dog have never done that in her 8 years of life.

@emmieo: Where is the “angry” response Emoji? :rage:

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@Mayday7: That’s intolerable & unacceptable. I really hope your review of the sitter will reflect that.
The next HO to engage your sitter will unknowingly condemn their much loved pet(s) to cruelty otherwise.

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After reading some of the replies here, I very much regret my flippant post. I’m utterly aghast that anyone could be cruel enough to treat pets in this way.
No, I know there are cruel individuals in the world but to actively engage in pet sitting with such behaviours? I’m so angry right now.

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