Pets On Sit Third Person/Dog Walker


I’m in my first sit. I live with a lovely dog. I feel responsible for hin.

Question: do you give the dog at a third person?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Kristina, do you mean a dogwalker? Has this other person been agreed by the owner?
I am on a sit now where a dog walker arrives every morning, sometimes very early. He has a key for the garden gate, but not the house, so he takes the dogs for a walk every morning. This is arranged by the dog owner.


Hi @Kristina welcome to our community forum and thank you for helping @Petermac … could you explain the help you need a little more please Kristina?

It’s a neighbor with her daugther. What ist the legal situation?

I would not give the dog to anyone else unless you’ve agreed this with the owner

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While on a sit the pet is the sitter’s responsibility and should not be given to any third party unless instructed to do so directly by the owner or written in the welcome guide with the name and details of the person concerned.

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I would never give the animal to anyone else unless I cleared it with the owner first. You never know. Maybe the owner doesn’t normally let the child play with the dog because she’s too rough or there is a bad history there. You’re responsible for the dog. You wouldn’t just give a child to some random person.

Hi Kristina,
Not alone would I not give a pet to an outsider, I would not allow anyone into the house. If an owner said they had dog walkers coming to the house, I would question why and there must be an issue of insurance cover. I would not accept the sit inthe first place.