Piece of cake!

Just wondering why a piece of cake has suddenly appeared by my forum name @Angela_L?

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@Smiley you are “The Chosen One” maybe. I want a piece now also! :joy:

It would be good if it was an actual slice of cake :joy::rofl:

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Probably anniversary for joining.

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Yes @Maggie8K wins the prize! I congratulated @Colin on his birthday a couple of years ago as I thought it was his actual birthday :joy::raised_hands:t3::joy: Happy THS anniversary with virtual cake :birthday: @Smiley :partying_face:

Now I want cake.

Well happy THS anniversary Smiley, :partying_face: but now I still want cake :cake:

Ah! I see but didn’t realise…Thank you!


Is this anniversary of joining the forum or anniversary of joining THS ?

Thank you @ziggy and so do I!

In fact @Smiley I think you should share that cake with everyone :cake: :laughing:

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