Please vote - it's quick, it's simple, it could help feed more pets

Helen Woodward Animal Center is excited to be a finalist for the All-in 4 Change grant by Harrah’s and we are in the running to win $55,000 in grants for our AniMeals program but we need your help ! Please use this LINK and vote for Helen Woodward Animal Center starting August 15 through August 29th . Winning this $55,000 grant would help us keep 3,500 pets fed for one month! AniMeals provides food to pets owned by homebound and low-income seniors, pet owners experiencing homelessness and wounded veterans.

This is why we vote … to help feed more pets


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity I just voted. Will these show up on the Facebook TrustedHousesitters page? If so, I will share with everyone to get as many votes as I can possibly get for this amazing organization.

I shared on my public profiles as well.
Didn’t see any reason not to and every reason to do so.

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