Presents from my friend

At one of my regular sits I have a friend who is very good at bringing me presents! He brought me a rat about four days before the snake, which bit me when I retrieved it from his mouth and I ended up having to go to the hospital and get a tetanus injection, my last one was some 20 years ago!!
Lizards are also a speciality - trying to get them out from behind baseboards is very time consuming :slight_smile:


OMGoodness @Lindsey are you both OK … you and kitty? Athough he doesn’t look at all perturbed about his new friend … Thank you for sharing your story …

I would have freaked out @Lindsey! So glad you and puss are okay.


Yes are both ok thanks. The snake was quite docile, I relocated him behind the log pile in the hope he wouldn’t be found again!
Murray, the kittie, never kills anything, he brings all manor of interesting creatures back, including frogs, great fun chasing them around! I have no problem handling wildlife thankfully :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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Yes! If that was in Australia, i’d be calling the snake catcher & the vet ASAP! :astonished::scream:


You’re so right about that!!!

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@Lindsey glad to hear that you are okay, how interesting that Murray brings them alive, I wonder does he like watching you and the owner’s chasing them?


Yikes! You are a trooper. Where are you located?

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Oh my! Your friend is clearly quite enamoured with you - although his taste in presents needs work :rofl:


Was I more lucky with one of the 4 black cats I was in charge in the south of France (which one ? i never knew) who brought me a mouse half eaten on the floor facing my bed ?