Problems you handled yourself?

A fresh example: A host posted a listing with specific dates and then asked whether I’d be willing to stay longer. I said X is the range of flex I can offer, but otherwise, unfortunately no. And I’m not willing to leave an open-ended window for them to consider plans, because I don’t want to wait in limbo. We agree.

A couple of months pass and they get in touch again, asking whether they can change dates and extend the length of stay. I say we can flex the dates by a day or two, but I unfortunately can’t do more than two weeks total. I also mention that if they want to look for another sitter who can stay longer, no worries. They don’t want to do that.

They buy their tickets and send me firm flight info. So now I’ll book my flights. If they try to change again, I’ll cancel their sit and fall back on either pursuing another sit and/or booking a hotel.

I mention such, because life happens and it’s important to uphold boundaries. If I can’t afford a fallback plan, I don’t pursue the sit, because I don’t want to be stranded.

And I don’t apologize for setting boundaries or make excuses. No is a complete answer. Maybe I have a good reason or maybe I just don’t feel like it — either works and we as sitters don’t need to do whatever hosts want. It’s an exchange, not employment. And sitters have agency and choices.

Note: All of our communications have been friendly and polite. No need to get rude.


Excellent answer @Maggie8K - it is entirely voluntary and we do need to hold boundaries that suit and work for us in whatever our circumstances are in this sitting life :raised_hands:t3: #perfectlyput