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Hello @ExploreDreamDiscover

I gave it a :+1: a few weeks ago and we are looking at making them more visible from the search.

Thanks, Ben

I came across this listing showing five applicants. Should that have automatically gone to ‘reviewing applications’?
Also the Low Applications Badge seems to have made a comeback. Is the test for that now back on?

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Ben posted this a few weeks ago. I get from this not to expect seach to be working for months to come. Sadly

@Twitcher Low applications badge? What in the world is that? :slight_smile:

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Hi @KenandMary1998 - I started a thread a few days ago (now closed) when I noticed the layout of housesits had suddenly changed. The default was to show listings with low or no applications first rather than the new and last minute sits. Someone advised it was a ‘test’ which would last 3-4 weeks and half of members would be included. I was one apparently but the Low Application Badge only showed for a couple of days but has now appeared again. The ‘badge’ shows where the new or last minute badge was. Hope that makes sense. Have a look at the closed thread for a screenshot of how it looks. Thanks

Hi All,

We have released quite a few improvements:

1.) When a Pet Parent unpauses a sit that has been automatically paused we boost the listing to increase the visibility of the Sit within search. This is to help the Pet Parent secure their ideal sitter. :rocket:

2.) When a Pet Parent unpauses a sit we have increased the visibility by including the listing within saved search results :mag:

3.) We now allow .heic images to be uploaded. This is the file format that iOS uses by default, so iPhone users will now be able to easily upload photos from their phone camera roll to their profile or listing.

4.) We have fixed a bug on the App Welcome guide where missing information was not being shown, and now viewing on the App all information is available.

5.) We have fixed a bug where the welcome guide and the Inbox was crashing and displaying a blank screen. (we had a couple of reports of this on the forum so thank you for reporting this :pray:)

Thanks for all your help and more announcements coming soon. Have a good week!

Ben :cat2:


I am now able to read my Welcome Guide again - thank you :+1:

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This also means that listings struggling with attracting 5+ applicants are pushed down the list in favor of ones that do. Improvement? Nah 👎

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Hi All,

Another update we have now added the label ‘reviewing’ to the listing tile. To make it clearer the listings which have recently been paused.

An upcoming improvement is being added, so that if you favorite a paused Sit when it is unpaused you are notified and can then apply to the Sit. Will keep you posted when this functionality is live.

Thanks, Ben

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@Ben-ProductManager helpful , But they are listed randomly under ‘not currently accepting applications’
So still not easy to find and they are not separate from listings truly not looking for a sitter. Any plans for these to have their own header or be listed first.

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Hi @ExploreDreamDiscover

Not currently planned and will add more complexity to the search. As and when listings jump from section to section.

The section ‘not currently accepting applications’ is ordered by the most recent Owner activity so applications being reviewed will be at the top of this section.

Will be keeping an eye :eyes: on this. Might add this improvement in the future.

Thanks, Ben

@Ben-ProductManager currently on the web site I don’t see all ‘reviewings’ first but some much farther down the list of ‘not currently looking for sitter’

Hi @Ben-ProductManager sorry if this is a stupid question, but, on the app is there a search facility to show listings that are currently paused and reviewing so I can favourite them in the hope they unpause?
Cheers Ben.

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Hi @Daisy999 this is in progress and should have an update on this soon :blush:


@Ben-ProductManager thank you. :grin:

2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Conclusion Of Pausing Application Test - Updated Post

2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Conclusion Of Pausing Application Test - Updated Post

I can understand the THS position of closing the thread for the Pausing Application TEST. After all, the TEST is over.

However, now that it has become policy, it seems wrong to not allow members to discuss it in the forum. Sure, during the TEST period many didn’t like it and expressed their opinions during the TEST, but reviewing pros and cons - especially from the people who will be impacted - should be part of any TEST.

Now that it is official policy, there may be many members who love it and can share why with other members and how to use it to maximize success and happiness for both sitters and owners.

But, if we can’t share our thoughts and experiences with other members, we’ll never know.

I hope THS allows members to discuss this and all policies on the forum.


Hi @Wetravel in an ideal world or even a TrustedHousesitters ideal Forum world we would absolutely agree.

Of course we want members to communicate on all manner of subjects, positive and challenging, it’s how we all learn and grow.

Unfortunately with the Pausing Applications Topic and this is what we are discussing there’s a small cohort who take every opportunity to post the same negative narrative preventing a fair and constructive conversation from happening, this takes excessive amounts of moderation and admin management and drives the overall tone of the forum into negative territory which ultimately is of little or no benefit to the community.

The Pausing Applications discussion created an environment where other forum members, new and experienced, were extremely reluctant to become involved in the conversation we know this from the number of Direct Messages we received and the many requests to close the topic.

There are many members who have adopted and adapted to the functionality with great success and as you have suggested we would welcome hearing from members about their experiences and it would be beneficial to have everyone’s POV. However ensuring a positive outcome for the good of the community around “that” discussion is another matter entirely.

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Hi Everyone :wave:

We have just done a new App release :iphone: which includes the following:

1. We now show sits without live dates at the bottom of the App search. These sits appear as an extra section below the sits with available dates. @Daisy999

2. Messages not appearing in the inbox thread. We have had some reports of messages not appearing on App, but appearing on the web. We’ve added functionality to allow users to swipe up from the bottom of a conversation thread in order to reload the messages. If any messages have not loaded then this will refresh the inbox and message thread and fetch the most up-to-date messages.

3. Android back button not working when viewing a listing We have fixed a few bugs with the android back button in the search, where pressing it wouldn’t navigate back.

Many Thanks, Ben