I thought this wasn't supposed to happen

I get notifications of my saved locations, and I just now received one for a very sought after location. I immediately went to my computer and looked at the listing and it already had 4 applications. I immediately hit apply and then went about writing my application letter. But, when I went to hit send, it wouldn’t let me and it said that the homeowner was no longer accepting applications. The listing currently says “Reviewing applications”. I understand all about the “5 and pause”, but I thought that @Ben-ProductManager had told us earlier that once you hit apply, your spot is held. This did not happen for me today and I’m very disappointed.


Hi @sledgejoyce I’m sorry you had the experience you describe, Ben is offline at the moment and will look at this when he is back.

Meanwhile here is the update you are referring to …


Hi @sledgejoyce many apologies for the delay picking this back up but we are still investigating and will update you just as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience.