Question regarding applications

Hi there guys!
I applied for two sits and accepted one of them before the second one got back to me to offer. I kind of wish the second one got back to me quicker but then I factored in that I was honest in my response saying that I accepted another (didn’t write unfortunately or anything like that) and hope that she would consider us again in the future if the opportunity came up. I feel good about my nice, friendly honest response but she herself, apologised for taking long to get back to me (almost one week) and said she would consider us next time.
Has anyone had this happen where they couldn’t accept the first time but the opportunity came up for another?


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This has happened to us a number of times. One sit we had to decline previously, we are now confirmed for an upcoming sit. Same with two other sits where we have not yet confirmed, but will be shortly.

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Yes, we’ve often applied for more than one sit at a time.

As soon as we are accepted for one sit, we immediately send a note to the other explaining we have accepted another sit for the same time frame and we rescind our application.


We’ve had a couple of sits we’ve had to decline come back to us and ask if we were able to sit for them on different dates. Unfortunately our dates still didn’t match up due to differences in school holiday dates or other sits. I felt bad having to decline for a second time.

We have also applied for sits and been unsuccessful, but received a nice reply from the homeowner to let us know this. We responded to say we had added their listing to our favourites and hoped we would get the opportunity to sit for them at some point in the future. The homeowners then invited us to sit when they had new dates and we were happy to accept.