Applied for more than one sit at same time

Hi sitters, I recently posted that HO had ghosted me or that I hadn’t got the last couple of sits I applied for but not received a thank you but no message from HO. Anyway now I have the opposite issue! I don’t normally apply for more than one sit at the same time, mainly because it seems rude and I feel guilty and also because usually I get the sits I apply for, but because of the above experience I did and now offered both. How do I respectfully decline the one not chosen please?

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Well done @Reliablesitter

A simple “thank you for choosing me, I have just been confirmed for another sit which conflicts with your dates, so I have to decline / withdraw my application this time. I’d be happy to sit for you in future if I am available ( if that is true ) “

Whichever way that you choose to word your message ; please be sure to do it immediately ; that is the most important thing …to allow the Homeowner sufficient time to offer it to another sitter asap.


Agreed 100% with @Silversitters, but also wanted to add that it’s not a big deal (it’s actually preferable, imo) to mention up front next time that you’re applying to another sit with conflicting dates. It encourages the HO to speed up their selection process and it’s just nice to be transparent.

The alternative is what I just experienced: I had a sitter reach out, responded to them immediately to set up a video call, then was left on read for two or three days before they came back saying they confirmed another sit instead. By then I had figured as much, but it would have been nice for them to let me know ahead of time even if it didn’t change anything!


No need to feel guilty when applying for sits that overlap time wise. No one is obligated till they accept a sit. And various HOs are slow to reply and you shouldn’t pay an opportunity cost for that.

Everyone — hosts and sitters — is essentially competing for sits or sitters. If one homeowner is slower than another, that’s their loss.

I recently was set to do video chats with two homeowners. They both chose the times, because I was flexible. I ended up talking to one in the morning and was immediately offered the sit, so I canceled the other video chat, which was supposed to happen later in the day. Both sits were in the same area.

The other homeowner ended up asking whether I had any feedback, because they were disappointed. I told them the only factor was timing.


Great way of putting it. I would have very happily stayed there, lovely pet. It’s just the other one is in a country I would like to visit.

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I agree it would be nice to be transparent up front but then the HO may not think you are that interested really. I think I’ll go back to my usual method of applying for one sit at a time, thus avoiding guilt and disappointment! Thanks for replies everyone. :+1:

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Just to say I got a very nice reply from the prospective HO when I wrote to say I couldn’t make it. I hadn’t agreed to, it was still at pre video call stage btw, just in case anyone thought I’d said i would sit and then let them down.


The majority of home owners would be understanding, especially if you were polite and explained. Well done!