Cancelling multiple applications after HO’s positive responses - Are Homeowners understanding of this?

I still dislike cancelling applications, especially after being replied to (and wouldn’t cancel a confirmed one), but I was wondering if homeowners are generally understanding and inviting for second and third and so on applications by the same sitter who had to cancel previously when they were confirmed for another?

Also, so a homeowner replies fairly timely and sets up a video call a few days in advance with no offer yet, but within that timeframe I get another HO’s offer for me to confirm, is it rude to cancel the other HO’s video call appointment (and thus application)?

@FreeSpiritManette -I would not feel too bad about cancelling applications if I was you. The only reason you have to cancel applications is if those home hosts were not quick enough to accept your application so, it is their fault that they missed out on you on this occasion, not yours.
I think that most home hosts accept the fact that sitters will be applying for other sits and if they really want you, will hopefully be quicker off the mark the next time you apply.
Sitters have to accept that they will sometimes miss out on fantastic sits and home hosts have to accept that sometimes they will miss out on fantastic sitters.


Hi @FreeSpiritManette,

I am not too sure I understand your first question about second and third applications but the same sitter but had to cancel the others? If I am understanding you correctly there have been times when a sitter has had to withdraw their application for our sit when we have been reviewing applicants. No ill feelings there it happens. If this sitter continues to apply for each sit we post and they are suitable even if they have had to withdraw their application in the past we still consider them. We think of it as a compliment if we see the same sitter applying more than once.

and I completely agree with @Colin


As a HO I would totally understand someone cancelling after applying for a sit. I find it’s normal for a sitter to apply to multiple sits making sure to increase their chances of landing one. Though I would like a quick message to inform me that the application was cancelled due to another opportunity and not because there’s anything wrong with the sit I propose.